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rob_fmttm Posted on 28/06/2020 14:05
Pre Order fmttm QPR fanzine Issue 605
I have just put pre-orders for next Sunday's fanzine Issue 605 v QPR onsale as printed paper edition (UK only) or emailed edition - this will be a strictly limited print run to all that order. All that have subscribed for this season and all that have bought the bundle of final 3 fanzines will be receiving this issue already - but if anyone else wants the issue then they will need to order in advance as I am only printing to order.
Printed issue costs 2.50 including postage. Emailed is 2.
For the record there will be a Mark Benton and Bernie Slaven interview and a couple of surprise features.

Link: Issue 605 On Sale
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djboro Posted on 28/06/2020 15:10

Pre Order fmttm QPR fanzine Issue 605
rob, will it include the article about the first game at port vale, and the mfc take over?
you mentioned before
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rob_fmttm Posted on 28/06/2020 15:43

Pre Order fmttm QPR fanzine Issue 605
Am not 100% but I hope so because I am doing the interview on Tuesday - hopefully I can turn it all round in time.
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rob_fmttm Posted on 30/06/2020 15:24

Pre Order fmttm QPR fanzine Issue 605
I have just conducted the interview about Middlesbrough 1986 - I now have to see what I can transcribe in time and whether I can fit both this story and Mark Benton interview into the fanzine.
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rob_fmttm Posted on 01/07/2020 10:00

Pre Order fmttm QPR fanzine Issue 605
Am placing the order soon this morning for the printed fanzine - strictly limited number to orders without match day sales.
Inside Mark Benton recounts his favourite Boro games. Slaven's Snaps - on Neil Warnock and also tells us about how to pre-order his new photo book. And an interesting tale. The man from Middlesbrough Council tells us about how he went on the phone to try and find Boro a venue for our first game v Port Vale after liquidation and the very mixed response he received. Please note printed fanzine is UK only.

Link: Boro v QPR Issue 605
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