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Nosmo-King Posted on 21/06/2020 09:18
Edited On: 21/06/2020 13:19Would Gibbo allow Bulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
Would he? I doubt it very much. Would he allow a manager to run the company into the ground? I would guess absolutely not.

So why oh why does he continue to sit on his hands and watch the crumbling of the club?

He is culpable to the highest degree. An appointment that was virtually universally questioned has shown which viewpoint was right and which was wrong.

It takes a big man to come out and say ď I was wrongĒ. This appears to be beyond Gibbo.

Weíve witnessed relegations before - seeing gutless, lame performances leading to our downfall. Once more we find ourselves in a similar position.

All most fans are pleading for is that we are given a fighting chance to avoid the drop. Under the present regime few believe this will happen.

For Gods sake, Gibbo , do something. Give us hope, grow a pair and do what you must know you have to do for the benefit of the club.

Make that decision and youíll be viewed as being strong and not weak- something Iím afraid can be levelled at you with every justification.
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Maffed2705 Posted on 21/06/2020 09:23

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
Having worked there for 14 years, Bulkhaul is ran by Mike O'Neill. He is a ruthless business man and the driving force of Bulkhaul. Someone with the results Woodgate is showing would have been shown the door a long time ago. Gibson has lost it.
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truck Posted on 21/06/2020 10:32

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
Sadly think it is too late whatever he does, even if he got Warnock in for the last 8 games
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Nosmo-King Posted on 21/06/2020 11:32

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
There is still hope - just. I recall the job he did at Rotherham when it appeared to be a lost cause. If Gibbo can look in the mirror and say ď Iíve done my bestĒ then it is obvious that the once saviour has become the problem.
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1finny Posted on 21/06/2020 12:53

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
The answer is no. He has appointed a very good leadership team.

In fairness, he isnít the first great businessman to lose the plot with a football club.
The worry is his decisions are becoming habitually poor
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Wanderingstar Posted on 21/06/2020 13:04

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
Miffed is spot on, a job swap is required
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redblood Posted on 21/06/2020 14:35

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
I feel your pain Nosmo, I really do.

I didn't know at the time, but my life would change forever when my dad took me to my first Boro match during the Stan Anderson promotion year.
I remember clearly, being on his shoulders and watching O'Rourke and Hickton bringing the crowd to it's feet through a crowd of what seemed to me at the time, old men wearing Andy caps and a haze of cigarette smoke rising to the sky and up into the floodlights.The sheer noise, jubilation and hugging of anybody that happened to be close by when we scored or the universal chanting of where's your father to the ref when things hadn't gone our way.
I was spellbound, I was addicted, I was in love, I was young.

That's my worry Nosmo.
So many people of late have penned, not just here but elsewhere, that they're done,they've fallen out of love, they aren't going to renew,there's better things to spend their money on, they haven't missed the game etc etc etc.Where on earth are our future fans going to come from if this is the case? Is Gibbo listening to the fans.Is he going to take the risk that he knows that when he hears all this stuff, that people like you and me and my Dad will keep on returning no matter what crap is served up come what may, in these days of uncertainty?
I should hope not!

I know Nosmo that you found no humour in my thread titled " In Jonathon ( Jonathan) we trust" but, I was hopefully, merely, pointing out the fact that I thought that our players were gutless and cowered when under scrutiny of a large crowd and didn't deserve to wear our shirt or kiss our badge, when we know, all too well, that footballers these days are mercenaries and will be kissing another teams emblem sooner rather than later.
I also wanted it to be known that I think that our gaffer is thick as mince and that none of us should be surprised if it were the case that our beloved leader would be thick enough to be running around aimlessly trying to contact a badger or rabbits agent instead of managing things at hand.
Honestly mate,You wouldn't be surprised, would Ya?
Maybe that's what he was busy doing on the weekend and left the team sheet to the tea lady?

Anyways stay safe all and take the young ones to the games and let them fall in love too when you are able.

And Gibbo, Act Now, you must, surely, have learnt from the past and seen what's happened at Sunderland and Bolton amongst others. We all have and we don't want to be there!

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Nosmo-King Posted on 21/06/2020 14:56

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
Redblood, good post, fella. I have for long enough been viewed by some as a negative poster. I donít get any pleasure out of being right and my criticism of Gibbo has been borne out.

I do think a lot of fans will be lost. Our demise has been around for a few years through the error- ridden stewardship of Gibbo. More worryingly, he neither feels or wants to do anything to correct the slide.

He used to have vision. - gone. He used to have his finger on the pulse of fans thoughts and feelings - gone. Used to have ambition - certainly not visible now.

I believe a lot more fans than ever are questioning his lack of action and rank bad decision- making.

Ultimately he will sicken off fans - potentially in their droves.

He may come back to reality one day - sadly that day could come too late for some/ many
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jiffy Posted on 21/06/2020 15:31

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
Didnt we say the same thing over Keith Lamb's running of the club on Gibbo's behalf?

Plus ca change
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Wanderingstar Posted on 21/06/2020 16:44

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
Brilliant post, red blood, and a great memory jerker, whereís your father referee, I too remember, itís a corner , int the net, in the net.

Sadly such memories have been badly tainted by the current owners arrogant complacency of recent years, and I wonder if he actually remembers his words of promise to the fans when he took over.

His finger has been well, and truly off the pulse since promotion, allowing karanka a free hand after the infamous walkout was a lack of leadership that I fear will see us follow Sunderland.

For certain Keith Lamb never ran the club on behalf of anyone
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Barnsy Posted on 21/06/2020 23:38

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
'So many people of late have penned, not just here but elsewhere, that they're done,they've fallen out of love, ...'

And many have responded. It happens. When results go wrong, for whatever reason, gates continue to drop.

It's 'onion weathering', every so often another layer of support peels off.

Historically it's always been the case.

It's strange how many of those who aren't going to give, 'another penny of my hard earned money', have supposedly been season ticket holders for the last thirty years.[:D]

Also don't assume that those who talk about withdrawing their support actually go to games anyway, (for whatever reason).

But as I keep getting told by the board's historian, 'We're all fans together'.[:D]

It's tough at the moment, it's been tougher.

Up the Boro.
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redblood Posted on 22/06/2020 01:10

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?

Only a fool or the uneducated would regard a realist as being negative.If it weren't for thousands of realists before us, we would still be living in the dark ages. It would appear though that many still are.

Sadly,it will take the death of our beloved club or mass desertion of our fans for the fools that can't see past their noses to belatedly come to terms to the fact that you and many others were right all along.
There will be no consolation for any of us once our club has sunk to those depths.

Keep posting your concerns and thoughts Nosmo even though it may seem like you're banging your head against a wall. If you and similar minded people lose hope then there will be no hope for any of us or the salvation of our beloved club.


Fond memories indeed.I didn't even know what the implications of "where's your father referee" meant but remember all too well singing it at the top of my voice.

I also well remember dozens of us kids clambering over the pee stained concrete retaining wall in the boys end when some little minx flicked the bobbies hat off whilst he set off in search of it.
Or the curious look on some old geezers face when he was suddenly surrounded by half a dozen kids attempting to hold his hand in the hope of fooling the coppers into thinking that he was your grand-dad.

What I don't remember though is what was the reason for us to be so keen to get into that enclosure when there was so many much taller people in there which only restricted our view.
Was it just so that we could be closer to our heroes and idols or was it just for the sheer thrill that we got for being successful.
No,no, I remember now.It was in order to escape the gut churning smell of the bogs below whose stench constantly swirled around our young heads which we happily paid sixpence for the experience.

My favourite memories though were the times that my Dad would turn up at my school to tell the headmaster that he needed to take me home 'cos my Nan wasn't well.I would ask him what was wrong as we walked along the school corridor.He would say shhh I'll tell you when we get outside. We're going to Blackburn son, c'mon hurry up, we've got to catch the train. I was almost jumping out of my pants with excitement and anticipation.

More often than not though, on the way home, he would say.. well that's it, I've had enough, I'm finished, No more,That's your lot, you can go by yourself from now on etc etc etc.
He was never a man of his word when it came to the Boro and sure enough,
there we'd be, hand in hand jumping on the bus in Redcar the same Saturday heading for Ayresome.

The Boro was our bond it was the glue that kept us so close throughout our lives and told us how much we loved each other without having to say so.

My Dad has long been gone now and I think about him every day and recall all the times that he apologised to me for introducing me to the Boro but more so all the great times we had together.
I miss his hand,I miss his face, I miss his presence.

This is why I am so desperate for change at our club.Every father and son should have the opportunity to build a life long loving relationship that shares the same emotions, and for me and my Dad,the Boro fulfilled that perfectly.

So Gibbo, Let's not play with peoples lives and let's get the stadium bouncing again with fanatical, caring parents with hopefully, future Boro mad kids.
Only you can make it possible.

Stay safe all
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redblood Posted on 22/06/2020 01:51

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
Hi Barnsy.

" It's onion weathering, every so often another layer of support peels off"
"Historically It's always been the case"

I would agree with that historically, my Dad was a perfect example of that.

However,I don't think you can compare history with the world that we now live in.

We're a million miles away from finding what sort of destruction that coronavirus will bring to peoples lives and livelihoods and what they can and can't afford.
Historically, football has been a working mans game and for those working men and women who have lost their jobs, football will be the first thing to go, if, they are unable to get their jobs back.

You cannot compare in the slightest, history and the present time, nor can you assume with any confidence that things will get back to normal.

" It's tough at the moment, It's been tougher"
Really,like when???
Certainly not in my lifetime and I'm 65

Stay safe.
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erimus74 Posted on 22/06/2020 18:45

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
Hello Nosmo-king, hope your well mate

redblood, cracking post & from the heart [^]thanks for posting that

I & many others, including Nosmo-king, can relate to your post when our dads took us to Ayresome Park, in my case, late 1971, our dad taking me & my younger brother in the boysend while he stood in the bob end, lovely memories & a bond with the club which will last forever

Stay safe & UTMB
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redblood Posted on 23/06/2020 07:20

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
Cheers erimus.

Let's hope that our fans stick with the Boro and that there's plenty more fantastic Dads like ours to come in the near future.

Stay safe all, love from Oz
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Nosmo-King Posted on 23/06/2020 09:40

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
Morning, Erimus, hope you and the family are keeping well. I did try and post last night- without success. So sorry I didnít respond.

Yes I like 1000ís have my dad to blame( I really mean credit) for getting the Boro bug! Whilst I had been to a few games prior to 66-67 season that was the season I really got into it. My dad was really keen in those days. I still recall the Oxford game - what a night! Heroes to me - ORourke, Hickton, Chadwick, Horsefield, Rooks, Jones, Whigham - what an end to a season!

My dad stopped going in the early 70ís - combination of owning his own business aNd, being honest, he knew I went to the games with mates.

Very, very sad the state we are in. I thought the days of struggle, having little hope or confidence in the regime to put things right were over. Has to be said, Gibbo has contributed to our demise in a massive way. From a position of universal acclaim he is, sadly, the main reason for us sliding downwards. Been coming for years. The future? Not bright at all. For one who did so much appears to be now one who does so little. I am not talking about financing here but running the club into the ground. Very sad times indeed
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erimus74 Posted on 23/06/2020 22:41

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
Agree with those comments mate, keep safe mate

That Brighton game seems a lifetime away now
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redblood Posted on 24/06/2020 04:14

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
Well Nosmo,My father has to take credit and the blame.

My family emigrated to Australia in the early sixties as ten pound pom's and early on it was pretty much a disaster, with very few finding work in Perth. We moved to Sydney and things immediately improved, nonetheless, the decision to return to England had already been made.
During our time in oz, I remember my Dad receiving Boro related snippets from home and how excited he was to open the envelopes and read the match reports.

This is when the grooming of his son began.
He would babble on about his heroes Cloughie and Wilf and promised to take me to the ground that his father had taken him. His Dad was a carpenter and upon our arrival back in Redcar my grandad presented me with an enormous thing the like of which I had never seen and which was probably more suited to the likes of Genghis Khan rather than a ten year old boy. It turned out to be a homemade rattle. I loved it, and now, I couldn't wait to use it. ( If that's the right term lol ) My Nan had knitted a Boro scarf and beanie and was all fitted out for the big day.
God knows what the first match was or the second or third really as i was a bit nonplussed and wondered what all the fuss had been about. The life changing day was yet to come.
That day did come and I was nowhere near prepared for it, I fell, hook,line and sinker at the Oxford match.
I'd never witnessed or experienced anything like that in my short life before.Sitting in my seat watching the crowd grow by the minute, feeling the tension grow and the excitement and anticipation building within the stadium and within me to what felt like bursting point.
The roar of the crowd when the goals went in. To witness the sheer joy on my fathers face when the final whistle sounded.
It was almost too much for me. It made no sense to me, to have tears rolling down our faces whilst feeling so totally euphoric.

Strolling around on the pitch after the game holding my Dads trembling hand on that magnificent field with what seemed like zillions of Boro fans will be a memory that will be with me until the day I join him, alongside the rest of the Ayresome Angels in the sky.

Thanks Dad but now for the blame.

Two more years of following the Boro both home and away and falling deeper and deeper in love with the mighty Boro.
Both he and my mother decided to give Australia another go and here am I, still to this day, far, far away from my beloved Boro.
He never settled though but my mother did and he returned to England alone.
But, like the old saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder and so it does.

My wife and I have had many trips back to England over the years and had the great pleasure of taking my Dad to as many games home and away as time allowed, including flying home for two cup finals.
Sadly,we weren't together when our dream came true, when we finally won a trophy. I'm just so happy and relieved that he was around and well when his dream came true.
Accordingly,so did mine.

I started off in the third division following the Boro and if we were to go full circle once again, so be it.

I'm certain in saying that My Dad, your lost loved ones and myself would all raise a glass to that.

Stay safe and well all.

Love and best wishes from Oz

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erimus74 Posted on 24/06/2020 13:46

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
redblood, I had a lump in my tbroat & a smile on my face after reading that emotional piece

I would sooner sit having a cool beer reading about yours & fellow Boro fans memories of fans who no longer attend, for whatever reason, than read about a disgruntled fan telling us you're no longer a fan because you don't go, for me a fan is a fan & you have shown your love & passion on the club you will forever love

Take care & hopefully it's not to long when you can return for a holiday & catch another Boro game

Thanks for sharing your memories of you & your dad which we all experienced
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redblood Posted on 25/06/2020 05:56

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?

Thanks for the kind words and sorry about the lump lol but seeing you enjoyed it I might have another one for you.lol.

Coming from a football mad town to a city that only talked about rugby league, it was difficult to find anyone to talk about what the locals called wogball.
Even worse there was no live matches televised except for the FA cup final.

For me to keep in touch with my beloved Boro and other scores, all I had was the BBC world service radio.I had a huge one piece 3 in 1 radiogram which had the short and medium wave radio.Unfortunately, even with the volume at maximum, I could barely hear a thing, even with kneeling on my hands and knees and my ear pressed against the speaker. I found that if I squat next to a speaker and stretch my arm behind it and into the centrepiece, I could actually touch with my fingertips the aerial, and lo and behold, it increased the volume.Only slightly,probably by only one decibel, but hey, it was better than what I had.
As loyal as a servant, there I was at midnight the dreaded KO time here in oz with my arm stuck up the a**e end of the radio when my wife appears from the bedroom.She said what in hells name are you doing. I'm listening to the match.
What is Middlesbrough on? No it's Chelsea and Burnley. What are you listening to that for then? Because at half time they'll go to a few grounds and get a few half time scores and we might get a mention.But, I will get all the results at full time around 3am.
She didn't have to explain the look that she gave me. I knew full well what she was thinking.Something along the likes of My good god, Iv'e married a XXXXXX.
I gave a look that I felt that left nothing to explain also.Something along the likes of Well get used to it baby, cos there is no chance in hell that I'll be sleeping whilst the Boro boys are playing.
She shook her head in total disbelief and went back to bed.

Win, lose or draw, there was nobody that I could share or was remotely interested in my passion. Not for many a year. Not until the Aussies, the likes of Cahill, Kewell,Bosnich and our very own legends Schwarzer and Viduka came to the fore.

By the time I started to work on the Sydney harbour bridge in 1990, football was becoming more popular not only because of the live games due to sky but it was a much safer game for their kids to be playing.
There were a lot of Europeans working on the bridge, Greeks, Italians and Poles mainly and at the very least, they also loved football and at last I had others to share my passion.

On every girder, crossbeam and panel was the name of a company that my Dad, one grandad and great grandad had worked for.
Not only the familiar name of Dorman Long but also the magical name of Middlesbrough were stamped everywhere you looked. After working there for years and thinking that I had covered every inch of the bridge, I unexpectedly found several pieces with the
word Skinningrove on them.

I took great pleasure bragging to my workmates that that's my hometown that's my football team and they're my roots and that my family have worked for that company in England and one day in the near future they'll get to see firsthand how much they mean to me.

Sydney was to have the Olympic games in 2000 and when the engineer told us that we were soon going to be delivered the Olympic rings and that we would be erecting them.
Nobody in our hierarchy had given any thought whatsoever about how and where it was to be displayed apart from the fact that it will be displayed on the eastern side or told us that they would arrive in a multitude of semi circles.Nor did they tell us that it all had to be done at night as we needed to close a traffic lane.
Interest was losing very quickly by me who was going to be the crane driver and also my rigger workmates as this was going to be an unenviable job due to the lack of planning.

We told him about all the obstacles on the eastern side and asked him if there had been any thought about what we were supposed to hang the rings on and there's also the problem of the expansion joints.
His reply, you're riggers, you'll work it out. AND I dont want the slings to be visible, they need to be hidden behind the structure.

It was a nightmare, not so much for me as a crane driver but for the riggers.
Trying to make slings to the mm exactly,if not, they're not taking weight.
For two months we chopped and changed things and eventually, it was done.
All that was left to do, was get all the miles of cabling up the arch and positioned and the tons and tons of fireworks spread all across the entire length of the road deck and the top arch.

The night that the electricians wanted to test out the lights within the rings, the engineer drove me and my crew to a reservoir in the eastern suburbs to get a great full on view of the bridge.

We were standing there for half an hour or so chain smoking waiting in anticipation for the lights to come on but so far,nothing.
Then one by one, there they were, all the lights on the bridge had been turned of and only the rings alight.It was a beautiful sight after all the hard work.

The boys roared and jumped and yahooed.

And there was me, rigid, tears streaming down my face, nose running,shaking like a leaf, a blubbering mess.
What's up mate?. Look, Look what we've done. Mate what's wrong?

I couldn't get the words out. How could I explain. They were hugging me, wrapping their arms around me. Mate c'mon what is it. Some were starting to laugh now.

They wouldn't understand. They didn't know that I was thinking of my Dad and how proud he and my grandparents would be if they were here. Or that I was feeling the same emotions that I shared with my Dad on that wonderful Ayresome night.

All I could say was its okay, I'm alright.

The engineer said to me. Well, I wasn't expecting that, what was that all about are you alright?

I answered. Believe it or not but it's about a football team, my Dad and my roots.

He looked at me curiously and left it at that.

Hope I didn't bore you Erimus.
Stay safe
Regards fro Oz
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Stockton_Boro_Dan Posted on 25/06/2020 13:38

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
tears running down my face redblood!!! cracking read!!!
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redblood Posted on 25/06/2020 21:29

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
Thanks for the reply Dan.

It's difficult to put into words, how and why I was so overwhelmed with emotion.
I guess it was all down to so many years of being so isolated from my beloved Boro and Dad.
Also with the knowledge that the bridge that all Sydneysiders adore so much and so proud of, was designed by a Boro boy which transformed the Sydney skyline.
The entire job from start to end was overseered by Mr Ennis, a Boroboy and all the steel manufactured by Boroboys.
Knowing that three generations of my family, all Boroboys, worked for Dorman Long and possibly my great grandad took some part of it.

Then there's me, another Boroboy who if only for a short time, had transformed the Sydney skyline.

Standing on that reservoir that night when those lights came on, all I could see was Boro.
Boro, Boro, Boro .Everywhere I looked.
All I could see and feel was my Boro, my Dad, my grand and great grandads and my roots and pride.

Something just had to give and so it did.

Take care all, stay safe.
Love from Oz.

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Nosmo-King Posted on 25/06/2020 21:59

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
red blood - stirring stuff, fella , truly from the heart.

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EpiphanyProudfoot Posted on 25/06/2020 22:02

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
Woodgate needed more time.

Fickle fans not worth a dime.
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redblood Posted on 26/06/2020 06:04

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
Cheers Nosmo and apologies if it seems that I had hijacked your thread.
It certainly wasn't intended.I just felt that I needed to respond to a few who had been touched by my memories and emotions.
Stay safe all
Love from Oz
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Nosmo-King Posted on 26/06/2020 08:05

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
You didnít hijack it, pal. Great to have your contribution. Letís hope for a positive result tomorrow at Stoke.

Something all Boro fans are in agreement in wishing
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Stigmata Posted on 26/06/2020 12:15

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
Answer to OP. No.
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redblood Posted on 26/06/2020 21:56

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
Thanks for your kind words Nosmo and understanding.

You can bet your life that I'll be sitting here at midnight at my computer twelve thousand miles away, roaring the Boro on and thinking of you all.

A win at Stoke would surely put some confidence in the team which has been lacking so much and at this stage of the season, needed so much.


Stay safe all.
Love from OZ
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erimus74 Posted on 26/06/2020 22:51

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
Great memories redblood, nice reading them too

I've been on this forum a few times of late just to read your memories 👍
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Juninhostwinkletoes Posted on 26/06/2020 22:54

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
Iím a driver for Bulkhaul, I very much doubt it. Buisness is doing well.
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redblood Posted on 27/06/2020 04:52

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
Thanks erimus, Nosmo and others for your thoughts. That means a lot to me and I know that it would've done to my Dad too.

I would never have imagined that when my Dad was in oz and eagerly awaiting the delivery of those Boro cuttings from his Dad, that it would only be fifteen years later that I would find myself in that same exact situation, awaiting delivery of the pink sports gazette all rolled up with more snippets inside from my Dad.

I often wondered after his death, and I know I'll never know for certain, what sort of relationship we would have had without the Boro playing such a huge part of it.

I was in my early twenties when he returned to England alone and it would be possible that we could have drifted apart over the years with only the odd phone call and birthday or xmas card.

That was never going to be the case for us as we shared that unbreakable love and passion for the Boro and therefore, for each other.

For those that think that the Boro owe them for all their pain, suffering and loyalty, I would just like to say, think again.Think hard.

For me, it's I that owes Boro, and, will be forever grateful.

Stay safe and well all.
Love from Oz
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Barnsy Posted on 27/06/2020 23:20

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
'Let's hope that our fans stick with the Boro and ...'

Hope so. But sticking with the team as a fan can be a difficult concept for some to understand.

I'm sure my Dad would have agreed.

Good luck all.
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redblood Posted on 29/06/2020 07:28

Would Gibbo allow Baulkhaul to be run like the Boro?
They will now Barnsy.

The three points will give us all a lift.[^]
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