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Johnson Posted on 22/05/2020 21:32
Spanish flu
Apparently didn't originate in Spain. Possibly originated in the US - Kansas and then via Philly

Spain were just really honest about how hard they were hit and the name stuck.

I never knew that

Link: The flu
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exeterboro Posted on 22/05/2020 23:29

Spanish flu
Could also have originated with British troops in France during the 1st World War,dead bodies, infections very prevalent, trenches not being the most sanitary places etc. It's a toss up between a training base in US or a hospice in France.
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hopesoboro Posted on 23/05/2020 07:49

Some have blamed China - or more specifically the CPC!
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ThePenguin Posted on 23/05/2020 09:52

Start screaming 'racist' again, hopesoboro. This is what Winnie The Pooh is paying you for.
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