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expat_smoggie Posted on 21/05/2020 01:07
Social Spacing @36k-- not needed
Not needed apparently-- profits over health, or is it that the whole pandemic is just hocus-pocus?

As many countries start to relax their Coronavirus lockdown restrictions, many are asking whether travel and border restrictions will be loosened in time for summer holidays.

Ahead of a meeting of EU transport ministers on Wednesday, Europe’s airlines have written an open letter saying they are ready to welcome people back to flying gradually. They say this can be done while maintaining health protections, but that this does not need to include spacing out passengers as has been done on public transport and trains.

“Social distancing is neither necessary nor viable on board an aircraft,” says the letter from Thomas Reynaert, managing director of industry association Airlines for Europe. “Measures and regulations must be proportionate by reflecting the actual risk levels.”

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Wev1 Posted on 21/05/2020 09:25

Social Spacing @36k-- not needed
I'm not "all for this" as I think it's too soon, at least for us, but there are other ways to look at it, and it "could" be pretty safe by July.

But, flights could only be allowed or less controlled to nations that have a grip on the pandemic (which doesn't include us yet) and are seen to be doing things properly, so no flying to the USA, Brazil, Mexico or India anytime soon.

Germany, Spain and Italy are probably now nearing a level where they have low infections and high testing capability, they can now take the risk of this right down. Especially if they can take peoples temperatures and social distance at the airport and in the country they're coming from/ going to and everyone is up for a test, track, trace & 14 day quarantine if necessary.

I think the way they're probably looking at it is people going on holiday might be less risk (if that nation is at a roughly equal covid level).
Option 1:
Going on two planes in a week (which have probably been thoroughly cleaned), with a mask on, probably getting hand gelled to oblivion and then spending a week at a low population holiday resort, not with close friends or family.
Option 2:
Someone going on multiple minging busses and trains every day, going into work, going shopping seeing closer friends and family etc.

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weallhateleeds Posted on 21/05/2020 16:25

Social Spacing @36k-- not needed
Pigs might fly but this would be a good excuse to stop selling alcohol in airports and on board so flying could be pleasurable for everyone again. l would be happy to pay a little more for this!
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expat_smoggie Posted on 23/05/2020 01:37

Social Spacing @36k-- not needed
Maybe I’m missing something but if the corrupt airline industry can pack people back into a tin can with just a few additional requirements then why can’t a football stadium?
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