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jonathan_jesus_greening Posted on 20/05/2020 11:34
Edited On: 20/05/2020 13:07Flying with Aeroflot
I was due to be travelling to St. Petersburg for Euro 2020. Just wondering if anyone's in the same boat.

Had flights booked with Aeroflot. They're offering a voucher valid for 3 years given the circumstances. Which is fine because I can re-book for next summer when the new Euro 2020(2021) schedule comes out. But I have to go to Heathrow to pick up the physical voucher. Is that right? Surely not....
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TheFair86 Posted on 20/05/2020 13:44

Flying with Aeroflot
You need to understand if the voucher is protected if they go bust, as no matter what happens that is a realistic possibility for many airlines/travel firms.
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Cleveleyssmoggie Posted on 20/05/2020 15:20

Flying with Aeroflot
Aeroflot, go bust ? [:D]
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Freddy_Adu Posted on 20/05/2020 16:29

Flying with Aeroflot
I wouldn't take any voucher offer, as has been mentioned before, you won't get anything if the company proceeds to go bust. Get your money back, rebook when everything is a bit more certain. [^]
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jonathan_jesus_greening Posted on 20/05/2020 17:01

Flying with Aeroflot
Cheers. Good points. I can't really get cash money back because they haven't cancelled the flight. I just have no reason to get on the plane anymore.

I'll hold my nerve until either the flight gets cancelled, or until the matches are rescheduled. At which point I might be able to just amend the booking to next year.
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McMordie Posted on 21/05/2020 11:34

Flying with Aeroflot
I'm in the same situation with BA and American Airlines with flights to New York, except that the vouchers are for one year.

I can't see there's any real prospect of getting a refund (or anything other than the vouchers) any time soon because if airlines were forced to start making refunds at the moment, when they have very little revenue, it would bankrupt most of them.

I understand that with BA, if you don't use the vouchers within the year you'll probably get a refund at that point but not before (but I might be wrong).

There's an argument to say that airlines are in breach of the regulations if they delay making refunds but the regulations were designed for situations where the odd flight is cancelled, not for a virtual shut down of the industry, and, again, it's hard to see them being enforced when it would drive a lot of airlines out of business.

Having said all of that, in relation to the OP's actual question, my vouchers are digital and I don't have to go to Heathrow to collect them!
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SouthStandSY Posted on 21/05/2020 14:23

Flying with Aeroflot
If everyone takes a refund, they go bust for sure & then we have no airlines going forward, just saying![xx(]
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