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EpiphanyProudfoot Posted on 19/05/2020 21:36
Film Recommendation - Mona Lisa
One to set the record timer if you are bored or furloughed. 1.10 am on Film4

The sordid tale set in London"s shameful underbelly is a bit of an 80s classic with a very strong cast.

Bob Hoskins plays the XXXXXXney wide boy who is fresh out of the nick and cannot connect with his wife and daughter (who he hardly knows). As in most movies, ex cons seem to seek out ex criminal associates and try and get work, in this case the job was to be a chauffeur to a high class call girl (Cathy Tyson) who despite being quite a gobby Yorkshire lass is at the top of the pile of painted ladies who tend to the needs of the Belgravia super rich.

Despite the initial dislike for each other and Hoskins not used to being bossed around by a lady the two become unlikely friends. Tyson enlists Hoskins to try and find a young teenage girl.Hoskins agrees and gets way out of his depth as his noseying take him to the seedy world of Soho and the dangerous life of kerb crawlers.

Whilst Mona Lisa is a tough watch,Hoskins gives a fine performance as the ex con who makes bad choice after bad chouce but you really root for him in the end. Cathy Tyson gives a career defining gig as an half cast playdate for Londons elite. Robbie Coltrane in one of his earlier roles. Everyone's favourite geezer Michael Caine steals the show as thoroughly unlikeable Soho club owner who supplies young girls to the randy old judges and Lords of Mayfair.

Mono Lisa was released around the time of the rent boy scandals of the 80s, and the expose of dens like the Wigmore Club. Worth a watch if you are bored.

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hielo Posted on 19/05/2020 21:41

Film Recommendation - Mona Lisa
I bet he cant half fart [rle]
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EpiphanyProudfoot Posted on 20/05/2020 09:38

Film Recommendation - Mona Lisa
Unlikely hielo

He had to wait for his 'lady' in places like the Savoy and the Dorchester.

Farting is not allowed in places like that.
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Johnson Posted on 22/05/2020 21:37

Film Recommendation - Mona Lisa
A great film of its time, but really dated now. I watched it again a couple of years ago. Some films stand the test of time, this one doesn't IMHO
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Nobby_Barnes Posted on 22/05/2020 22:42

Film Recommendation - Mona Lisa
Johnson, haven't seen you posting for a while are you posting on the new board ? The only ones left over here are the farters.

Strange what you say about dated films, I watched Trainspotting the other day and it was completely dated, switched it off after 20 mins. My Teenage son thought it was garbage.

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EpiphanyProudfoot Posted on 23/05/2020 13:00

Film Recommendation - Mona Lisa
Interesting opinion Johnson. It was a hit because London was like that at the time under Mrs T, so it would be a film of the time. London became a haven for real billionaire Middle Eastern wealth, yuppies, loadsa money types and lowlifes like Caine and Hoskins characters who fed off this.

Hoskins character meant well but by the 40 minute mark he was up to his neck in 5h1t and making a few unpleasant enemies.
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EpiphanyProudfoot Posted on 23/05/2020 13:02

Film Recommendation - Mona Lisa

Trainspotting was a masterpiece in my opinion. Made just before the internet took over and was a humorous look at drug addiction (which was a massive problem in Edinburgh)

Suppose modern kids will think its doggo I'm afraid.
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