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Davey_C Posted on 25/03/2020 20:37
Edited On: 25/03/2020 21:58JFH Boro Goals
found this video I made of his goals for the Boro, I did have a Youtube Boro channel but it was taken down by the powers that be (despite my account being hacked and appealing - they weren't interested)

So I've created another account to upload onto ... Youtube has removed his goal from the 5-3 at Highbury due to Copyright infringement with the Premier League (what about the rest of the content!!!)

I had Viduka's goals too, but I can't find that video I made



EDIT Youtube is too ba$tard clever!! Keeps blocking part of my uploads for FA Premier League Copyright ... there's tonnes of Premier League footage on youtube, how do other uploaders avoid copyright issues?

Link: JFH Goals For The Boro
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ravs Posted on 26/03/2020 08:47

JFH Boro Goals
Oh yes, our Jimmy Floyd sure knew how to close out the deal!!

Great memories there and thanks for posting Davey_C 🤗👍🏼👍🏼
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Steer Posted on 26/03/2020 13:51

JFH Boro Goals
He was so good. I remember at the time that I could not believe that we signed him. In fact, it still seems unbelievable now.
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johnnycjnr Posted on 26/03/2020 16:14

JFH Boro Goals
XXXXXX premier league
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fosm Posted on 26/03/2020 19:28

JFH Boro Goals
Fantastic....thanks for putting thst together.

The header in Rome....possibly my greatest single moment as a Boro fan. Put a smile on my face seeing that again!
(not forgetting Stuey's cross)
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Magic Posted on 26/03/2020 20:59

JFH Boro Goals
Thanks so much for posting this, cheered me right up at this horrible time[smi].
Hard to believe nowadays that we had the Yak, Viduka and Jimmy on our books at the same time. Wonderful times, I'm just glad I was there to see it.
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Davey_C Posted on 26/03/2020 21:15

JFH Boro Goals
It's been shortened by the Youtube copyright police unfortunately

I've been busy today plenty more Boro stuff here ...


Link: Boro Stuff
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Linny Posted on 26/03/2020 23:28

JFH Boro Goals
That free kick at Man City.

I still donít know how that was possible with such a short run up. Heís miles out.

Him and Viduka [LOVE]
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Mickey_2003 Posted on 28/03/2020 13:19

JFH Boro Goals
I remember predicting the signing of JFH. Admittedly it was a fabrication, but it turned to reality.

Wish I could do it again. Who do we want next time?
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Beverleyred Posted on 28/03/2020 14:06

JFH Boro Goals
Jimmyís biography is a very interesting read, from Surinam to Amsterdam, how he nearly lost his way with street gang crime to being a professional footballer.
If you are a fan of JFH it is well worth a read.
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mad_frankie Posted on 28/03/2020 15:34

JFH Boro Goals
What a player.

And to think that loads of people bought in the the ever charming Keith Lamb's criticism of McClaren signing the likes of JFH and Viduka as 'low resale value signings' to try and mask the absolute clusterXXXXXX of the Southgate era signings.

Lamb was such a bell end.
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