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Facefuzz Posted on 27/02/2020 07:42
The sad thing is
A large portion of our own 'fans'.

I'm frustrated, angry even, as are the large majority. The way some of our fans go on is rediculous at times. I know it's 3 defeats on the bounce but last night we played Leeds. Unfortunately they are where we were 3 years ago and were where they have been.

Preston have been down here, Blackburn, sheff utd and wolves, all in fairly recent history.

Last night was a big improvement on recent performances. We could have came away with a point. We could have came away 3 or 4 down if bamford scores.

It's football. It's sport. We're owed nothing and wins aren't free.
There's good times and bad.

To call Gibson a fraud and make personal attacks on him is stupid. He makes bad decisions all of the time yes, but he's done a hell of a lot for this club.
Nobody knocking him in 86, or when we moved grounds or in Eindhoven or when we fielded the academy team at Fulham.
Same with woodgate. Not many wanted him but we got him. I'm sure he's not trying to get us relegated. I'm sure he won't want to quit the role. Hes a Boro fan. None of us would quit. It won't come again.
To have a go at Leo for his chest pumping passionate displays. It's what he does. He loves the club and we should be supporting him. If you don't like what he does then move on, don't react to it.

We've not many games to turn this around but it's more than do able,
Phuck sake. We build the world don't we. Teesside steel! Let's have some steely resolve and turn the negativity into positivity.

Other fans looking at our boardust be having a tight chuckle this morning after the Leeds fans suicidal and Sunderland board in meltdown posts in the past.

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norfolkred1 Posted on 27/02/2020 07:45

The sad thing is
Good post fella. [^][^]
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Edis_Pilf Posted on 27/02/2020 07:47

The sad thing is
Thanks for the lecture mate.

But you literally said this, just a matter of days ago.

"Assombolonga is a complete clown and waste of skin."

Which in my opinion, is not a very nice thing to say.

Maybe reflect on your own words before criticising others?
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LeFlem Posted on 27/02/2020 07:49

The sad thing is
good post but I’m afraid it will fall on deaf ears.
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Madetobreakyourspirit Posted on 27/02/2020 07:49

The sad thing is
Agree with your post facefuzz however it isn't going to help us avoid relegation only the team can do that .......
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Facefuzz Posted on 27/02/2020 08:07

The sad thing is
How do you even search on here?
Fair point piff. That's a nasty comment by me.

I was going to add something about the players in my original post but decided to remain positive, or try to.

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Dribble Posted on 27/02/2020 11:18

The sad thing is
“Same with woodgate. Not many wanted him but we got him. I'm sure he's not trying to get us relegated. I'm sure he won't want to quit the role. Hes a Boro fan. None of us would quit. It won't come again.”
That’s the problem ,he won’t want to quit , then he should be sacked and quickly to give us a slight chance of getting out of this mess, his ego has got us into.
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wilkos_perm Posted on 27/02/2020 13:08

The sad thing is
We improved defensively last night. But yet again, going forward we were for the most part pretty awful.
We've only ever had 2 seasons in the third tier in our history. We are sleeping our way to a level which is totally unacceptable for a club like ours.
I think people have every right to be aggrieved by continual poor decision making from the club. A manager demonstrating none of the necessary qualities for the job, and numerous players lacking in commitment. All at a time when we're being asked to commit financially for another year.
Whilst am not a fan of specifically targeted abuse, fans making their feelings known is important. It's better than acceptance and apathy.
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Ironops Posted on 27/02/2020 13:29

The sad thing is
We've seen all season that we can be 'improved' in one game and then terrible the next.

3 defeats on the bounce and 10 games without a win - thats relegation form, regardless of how they played last night.

We are getting to the stage where performances dont matter, only points
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borofan402 Posted on 27/02/2020 13:49

The sad thing is
“Oh look at me, Im one of those people who can buy a ‘positive spin’ on things for kudos.”

As pointed out by an earlier poster you wanna practice what you preach. Again like the deluded article in todays gazette, people like you are part of the problem.
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ovy1 Posted on 27/02/2020 14:10

The sad thing is
Wilkos [^]
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Barnsy Posted on 27/02/2020 18:25

The sad thing is

Good post indeed. [^][^]
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Facefuzz Posted on 27/02/2020 18:51

The sad thing is
Agree I've targeted players. Not big. Not clever. I've held my hands up to that.

Disagree people like me are part of the problem though. They get a couple of grand out of me each year and my holidays at work are used up on them.

Home. Away. Win, lose, draw. I'll be there.
The vitriol aimed at Gibson is rediculous.

I agree with people having opinions, booing, clapping. Pay your money and do what you see appropriate.

Did you really think we were going to turn Leeds over last night? Behave. We were better than the last 2 games.
People point out 2 shots in 3 games. Wrong. 2 shots in 1 game. Last nights. That's improvement.

I put a positive sided post about the club amongst all of the negatives.
If you don't like it mate then scroll on by.
I'm sure my type of people will appreciate it though.


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reverb64 Posted on 27/02/2020 19:11

The sad thing is
Your bit on ‘turning negativity into positivity’ maybe you aim those words at the shower on the pitch !
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Facefuzz Posted on 27/02/2020 19:15

The sad thing is
I hope there is some changes to the team for Monday.
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Barnsy Posted on 27/02/2020 22:34

The sad thing is
'..people like you are part of the problem.'

Ridiculous statement!
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Duffman Posted on 27/02/2020 22:52
Edited On: 27/02/2020 22:54
The sad thing is
Not long ago we were a Leeds, a West Brom or a Fulham. A really aspirational and hopeful club. In a matter of months we have become also rans, mediocre, a club nobody talks about or is interested in beyond 13,000 hard core fans. . We used to be so much better than that and for many of us it is difficult to accept our new status because we don’t understand why it was allowed to happen. Others in the league are punching well above their weight with less resources than we have. We are disillusioned, disappointed, angry and upset. We don’t hate our club we are just sad about what has happened. Doesn’t make us bad people or bad fans it just shows we care.
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borofan402 Posted on 27/02/2020 23:12

The sad thing is
“Ridiculous statement!”

Your too rose tinted for me to worry about your above comment Barnsy. A good fan doesn’t blindly accept everything the club does, they are fair and call the situation as they see it.

Questions for you though. Is this where you expected us to be at the beginning of the season? If not, which parties are accountable for us not being on track?
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