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JoshuaH Posted on 13/02/2020 10:37
Edited On: 13/02/2020 10:38Dropped points causing deja vu for Woodgate
An article I wrote in the aftermath of the draw at Wigan...

Link: Dropped points
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asredastheycome Posted on 13/02/2020 10:47

Dropped points causing deja vu for Woodgate
Decent article. Hard to disagree with anything you say. I'm sure someone will be along in a minute to do just that.[:D]
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littledick Posted on 13/02/2020 10:54

Dropped points causing deja vu for Woodgate
The departure of Randolph has nothing to do with defensive frailties
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BoroBen92 Posted on 13/02/2020 11:20
Edited On: 13/02/2020 11:25
Dropped points causing deja vu for Woodgate
I agree with most of that, but the Wigan game is the only match since December where we haven't started with wing backs.
Switching formation doesn't explain the previous 5 matches.
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rob_fmttm Posted on 13/02/2020 11:23

Dropped points causing deja vu for Woodgate
Interesting and well-written article.
We often switch formations as well as player positions during games. We certainly did that at Preston when Ayala went off. We rarely end with the same formation, even in that winning run.
Ayala's injury has been significant hasn't it. And I agree at Wigan recently you could see there was an overcrowding in midfield - 'after you Claude' between Morrison, McNair and Wing in the first half - til Lewis started getting his aim in after the break.
We certainly didn't manage the game well in the final minutes v Brentford or Wigan but at the moment I still get the feeling like we are learning things ahead of next season. Obviously Woodgate wouldn't see it that way, as he continues to throw forwards on to turn draws into wins but even there we are picking up indications about players and who works best with who are where.
It's certainly not a crisis, is it?
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Greenandblack Posted on 13/02/2020 12:26

Dropped points causing deja vu for Woodgate
***It's certainly not a crisis, is it?***

Probably not, but it would give everyone a bit of confidence if they could beat Luton and not lose to Barnsley. Boro always seem to be 2 or 3 games from something good, or something bad.
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BigmetsBoro86 Posted on 13/02/2020 12:48

Dropped points causing deja vu for Woodgate
I don't blame Pears and he's doing well. That said we've lost arguably the best keeper in the champo. It's going to effect a team. How many points did Randolph win us? He basically produced a worldie a game and when you don't score many it's invaluable.

The bigger loss is Ayala. He was a rock and back to his best over Xmas. Its no coincidence that results have dropped off since he got crocked.

Also playing nearly 2 months with one fit CB? We just bodged it. I don't overly get why we have moved away from wingbacks to a flat back 4? We seem to get over ran especially in the wide areas. I would go straight back to wingbacks on Saturday.

The arrival of Shotton and George can only help. George could quite easily slot in at Left CB of the 3 (I see him more that than LB).

I always expected to concede more than pulis due to being more expansive. The issue is we are conciding more and still scoring as many.. It baffles logic that only Wigan have scored less. You'd think its near impossible to get worse at both ends[rle]

The fact we need to win these next two games. No excuses. We have forest and Leeds up after them.
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American_Mary Posted on 13/02/2020 13:13

Dropped points causing deja vu for Woodgate
For me its inexperience, fitness and an inability to close out games late on, this season we have been leading 6 times going into the final 15 minutes and ended up dropping points, we have not won a game we have been drawing by scoring in the same period, so that 12 points dropped which would put us in the top 10 of the league.

We have been getting into winning positions would suggest that shape and personnel aren't the problem, we need to find a mentality and desire to see out games better and at times protect what we have better rather than looking for more.

Luton and Barnsley are winnable games that if we win could give us some breathing space entering the last quarter of the season and if we can been seen to be improving then it can only help with the ongoing contract negotiations.
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