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Banned1 Posted on 19/01/2020 19:11
Edited On: 19/01/2020 19:17Fitbit Versa please help
My Fitbit versa won't bond or sync properly. I return the tracker to factory settings and then go through the set up procedure. Then tracker successfully communicates with my laptop through WiFi and Bluetooth. All proceeds normally until it get to the "update" stage. It then stated something went wrong and to try Bluetooth rather than WiFi then when trying with Bluetooth it suggests trying WiFi so on and so forth around in circles. Any ideas for a solution(except for stamping on it in frustration) would be much appreciated.
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DowningsLeftTit Posted on 19/01/2020 19:14

Fitbit Versa please help
Email fitbit, theyre customer service is spot on they will probably just send you a new one
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Banned1 Posted on 19/01/2020 19:19

Fitbit Versa please help
Thank you Downings', I'll try that.
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hopesoboro Posted on 19/01/2020 20:14

Fitbit Versa please help
Evidently you can get a free Fitbit if you take out a Telegraph subscription.
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