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Fuchs_ache Posted on 18/01/2020 20:41
Going there at end of year.
Anyone been?
Any recommendations on where to stay and things to do?
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StanleySmiith Posted on 18/01/2020 21:33

We went 26 years ago and stayed in Nusa Dua. I would say donít spend all your time on the beach but get out and about. Try booking an island trip and visiting some of the temples. Food wise try and find a good beach grill.

The people are incredibly hospitable and we loved the place.
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kuepper Posted on 18/01/2020 22:01

Depends what you're going for but a few days in Ubud is a must whatever imho. I found Kuta and south west coast too aussie /surf /party/ concrete, the south east coast Sanur slower paced. official taxis cheap but local minibus services go to a lot of places

Link: bali
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Wev1 Posted on 18/01/2020 23:20

Kuta is good, but full of Aussies, actually Bali is full,of Aussies.

Donít eat the street meat [xx(][xx(][xx(]
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oliver_reed Posted on 18/01/2020 23:52
Edited On: 19/01/2020 00:01
Another shout for Nusa Dua. We go there a lot (live in Western Australia). Not a fan of Kuta, full of bogans and pain in the A street sellers. Seminyak and Legian are ok, depends what you want. Are you going with kids?
Another good call with Ubud, a bit further away (ie travel time from airport, not near a beach) quite hippyish. Canngu and Echo Beach quite nice as well.
Visit the Monkey Forest (Ubud) and the temples. Surfing at, or just visit Pedang Pedang (known as Julia Roberts Beach).
Get yourself a driver as well. We use a guy called Made ( Marday) he is on Facebook as Bali Scenic Tours, great guy, good English, we've used him for 7 years.
If you want something a bit more upbeat, try Potato Head and Ku De Ta, both in Seminyak, great beach clubs. Not just for young ones....

Link: Bali Beach Clubs
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EpiphanyProudfoot Posted on 19/01/2020 02:39

Lovina Beach.

Beach selling brigade are a pain wherever you go.

Indonesia is an interesting place to visit but the Balinese think they are a cut above as they carry the tourist industry (A bit like Yarmies in the Tees Valley)

Yep a lot of Aussies, it is pretty much their Canary islands.

The capital Denpaser is probably not worth it. If you are feeling adventurous take the ferry to Lombok which is the next island along. Its full of hippies and backpackers.

Beaches away from Nusa Dua are so so, volcanic sand. It gets very windy and a lot of hassle with sellers.
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mitch_at_merseyside Posted on 19/01/2020 04:27

As soon as you arrive take a taxi to Sanur Port (using Grab taxi app), get yourself on the next ferry to Nusa Lembongan. Ferry takes just over half an hour.

The island has several nice beaches to choose from, great choices for accommodation at a good price. I rented a scooter and drove around the whole island, best holiday I've ever had. Food and massages were out of this world!

If you want to get out and about you can also do some island hopping, on Nusa Lembongan they do have a few sightseeing and tourism shops.

Mainland Bali was just full of Aussies, I didn't like the beaches so much and it felt like everybody was just trying to rip you off. That aside, you'll have a fabulous time!
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festa5 Posted on 19/01/2020 07:11

Agree with Mitch. Scooter round nusa lembongan was good fun. The boat over is pretty good fun too. It's a fairly quick boat and you can sit on the roof.

The beach sellers are really annoying. Feels very un-british to do it but just completely blanking them is the way to go. Any engagement, even if it's just a firm "no thanks" only seems to encourage them. They will follow you for ages trying to convince you to go to their shop/stall.

Make sure you have some money left when you come to leave. Unless it's changed recently there's a random "airport tax" stand just before you get to the gates. It's not much, but of course if you've not got enough of the currency left it means leaving the airport to go to a cash machine then getting through customs etc again. Not great if your flight is due to depart!

The monkey forest is great. There's one in Ubud, but there's another more remote one a short drive away (can't remember what it's called) this one has fewer tourists and monkeys are a bit bolder (not that they're shy in Ubud mind). Although they can and will climb on people in the Ubud one I think it's discouraged, whereas the other one the wardens, or whatever they're called, will entice them onto your shoulder for photos etc if you want. Goes without saying make sure you get your rabies vaccine etc before going. Lots of stray dogs in Bali too.
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brattleboro Posted on 19/01/2020 07:25

didnt like the place at all,as someone mentioned above a short boat ride away is a place called nusa lembongan which we stayed for a night.that was very nice
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masqueSmog Posted on 19/01/2020 07:38

Lived in Singapore in the past. So had times in Bali.

Apologies to the WA crew but Nusa Dua/Kuta for Aussies is basically Costa del Sol for Brits. So, if an Aussie was flying half a day to Spain, would you recommend Benidorm?

Bali is beautiful. Go west. obviously in the centre Ubud is the place - but now pretty expensive and very fashionable. Remember Mick married Bianca there 40 (?) years ago - the fashion label sticks. Candi Dasah used to be nice, black sands that side (Bali is a volcano). one good thing was Bali-Flores-Lombok so (culturally) you went Hindu (Balinese version)-Christian-muslim.... and you get to see dragons on route.
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RichyNotSoRich Posted on 19/01/2020 09:27

As mentioned above Kuta is the Aussies magaluf we went to sanur which is much more chilled and for couples Take an island tour with a local they all speak good English we visited loads of villages even stumbled on a c.ock fight[:O][:O][:O] they are lovely friendly people enjoy[^][^][^]
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ZippytheHippy Posted on 19/01/2020 10:18

went a few years ago. kutu is Benidorm for Aussie teenagers. was really cheap when we were there not sure now. a few days inland is worth it.
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