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newyddion Posted on 03/12/2019 16:32
9 points from the next 7 games..
The aim of survival is a pretty straight forward one.. made tougher with an inexperienced manager with no investment in the squad [xx(]

a change will have to come in January, if Gibson is to stick with Woodgate then he needs to back him MASSIVELY in the transfer window.

we started off the season needing another SIX players and with injuries would could need more.

it wouldn't be out of turn to say we needed ELEVEN first team players.. presumably paid for by FIVE current first team players [xx(]

Randolph [|)]
Fry [:O]
Clayton [sad]
McNair [cr]
Assombalonga [?]
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coluka Posted on 03/12/2019 16:56

9 points from the next 7 games..
Not gonna happen to that degree in January, well not unless we want to nail down a bottom 3 spot in January.

Too much disruption would be daft in January. 2 or 3 experienced or quality additions to bolster the existing squad then go again in the summer.

I have no faith in Gibson to deliver though.
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hopesoboro Posted on 03/12/2019 17:03

9 points from the next 7 games..
Excelling yourself there Newy![xx(]
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Indeedido Posted on 03/12/2019 17:38

9 points from the next 7 games..
We need to win around 8 more matches.
They will surely predominantly be at home.
Charlton, Stoke, Huddersfield, Derby, Birmingham, Blackburn, Luton, Leeds, Forest, Swansea, QPR, Bristol City and Cardiff are the 13 matches to keep us up at The Riverside.

Even with a thin squad we should have enough to get home. With a couple of loan signings in the right places, we should make it.
Losing 4-0 at Elland Rd is terrible, but if we do go down it will be not beating Millwall, Hull at home and capitulating 1-4 to Wednesday at home that will have cost us most.

I honestly think the next 7 home games give us a massive chance to almost make ourselves safe.

We must beat Charlton on saturday.
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tonymow Posted on 03/12/2019 17:49
Edited On: 03/12/2019 18:36
9 points from the next 7 games..
It seems silly to keep the 7 out of contract players and let them go for nothing in June , surely you get what is offered and use it to replace them .
Ayala £2m
Howson £800k
Shotton £600k
Clayton £600k
Johnson £300k
Friend £600k
£4.9m will go along way to replacing them IF spent wisely
And the new players will be on half the salaries
Makes sense, big changes but needs must .
Let's face it, we're in the bottom places WITH the above, so move them on and bring in younger, hungry players.
Hand your list in Newy ,they need it .
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Indeedido Posted on 03/12/2019 18:11

9 points from the next 7 games..
Nobody in their right mind would pay the fee in Jan for any of the players listed there tonymow, when they could be obtained free just 4 months later.
None will go to PL Clubs and Championship clubs just wont spend the money on them.

They wouldn't get £7.5m for them, they would have to be replaced, our recruitment is scandalous so getting 7 in in January would be a disaster; bedding them in even more so.

A couple of astute loans, keeping the small squad fit and suspension free; winning our home matches, is what we need.
Whether Woodgate can do that we will have to wait and see, because I don't see Gibson admitting he was wrong anytime soon.
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tonymow Posted on 03/12/2019 18:21
Edited On: 03/12/2019 18:48
9 points from the next 7 games..
Opinions indeedido .
I think teams will pay the relatively low fees to acquire a player they want, instead of waiting and joining the lottery and hoping they out wage other clubs in June .
I also think the players agents will try and get those above fixed up in January , the amount of good players who are still without a club from the last window is huge i.e. Hutton .
We will see
Stoke already linked with friend - £600k nothing to them
Fulham linked with Ayala - £2m nothing to them
Shotton nearly signed for someone last window
Clayton will do a job at a lot of clubs
Howson has admirers and will also do a job
Johnson , might be stuck with him
I will edit my list and lower expectations then , £4.9m still decent money to invest 👍🏻
£4.9m in Jan and wages saved taking it to £6m OR
£0 in Jan , free in June , big wage bill still and a dressing room that is on the beach from Feb 1st
If it was my business I know which Route I would go down .
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tonymow Posted on 04/12/2019 16:04

9 points from the next 7 games..
Today’s news reports
Howson , Ayala and Clayton wanted by other clubs
And so the exodus gathers momentum
As I said , players will be looking for security and a 2 year contract will temp them away
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Indeedido Posted on 04/12/2019 16:29

9 points from the next 7 games..
Nice edit with your fees tonymow too[:D]
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tonymow Posted on 04/12/2019 18:24

9 points from the next 7 games..
Anything to please indeedidoo !
I think we will get more than my edited figures BTW
We shall see !
Ayala to Leeds £5m and the figures look rosey !
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Funky_Chicken Posted on 04/12/2019 19:17

9 points from the next 7 games..
The squad will be further weakened in January not strengthened

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hopesoboro Posted on 04/12/2019 19:31

9 points from the next 7 games..
The non existent exodus gathers momentum![:D]
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tonymow Posted on 04/12/2019 21:48
Edited On: 04/12/2019 21:52
9 points from the next 7 games..
Who invited you into a sensible conversation hopeso ?
So I take it you think they will all stay , pull their puddings out to keep us up in the hope they get offered a new contract on massively reduced wages .
I live in hope ! 🙃
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