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EpiphanyProudfoot Posted on 02/12/2019 20:56
Documentary Recommendation = Mary Millington
Together TV @ half ten tonight. I have seen some decent docs recently but this one was surprisingly good. It aired on Channel 4 a few years ago but unlikely that the main channels (even Channel 4) would show it now.

1979 and the early part of 1980 saw 4 quite notable entertainers whose lives where taken suddenly. Sid Vicious (Sex Pistols), Bon Scott (AC/DC) and Ian Curtis (Joy Divisions). Whilst Vicious was heading for a long stretch anyway, Bon Scott drank himself to death and sadly the Joy Division frontman never conquered his demons. All three gained fame and noteriety after their passing, the forth was already a huge name and arguably England's most successful porn star, Mary Millington.

Whilst the documentary is not for underage viewing, its not a porn flick. MM is narrated by English actor Dexter Fletcher and includes contributions from adult entertainment kingpins like David Sullivan and many of the actors/actresses who starred alongside Mary during her career. Some of Mary's family/ex boyfriends are on record although her husband, who is still alive today, wouldn't take part.

The documentary charts her rise from being an illegitimate child in Dorking to her meteoric rise from doing porn films in Europe and ultimately bringing it to uptight England. The documentary pays tribute to 'Come Play with Me' which despite being badly acted and directed, remains the longest running film in British history even now (4 1/2 years)

Mary had her enemies, Mary Whitehouse, Germaine Greer etc, and she also probably shouldn't have gotten so involved with elements that were banned at that time. The doc is warts n'all, as towards the end the drug addiction/kleptomania started seriously affecting her judgments in and out of working in front of the camera. In the end she allegedly owed the taxman nearly a million quid (insane amount of money in the 70s) and was arrested for shoplifting on two occasions, once before her sleeping pills vodka overdose in August 1979.

Whilst the documentary gives both sides of the story, it was evident that she was quite easily led, and that her celebrity pals, right up to PM Harold Wilson, should have had her back more?

It is a decent watch nonetheless.

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Cooper6711 Posted on 02/12/2019 21:10

Documentary Recommendation = Mary Millington
Seen it as they only have about 6 programs to screen at that time. Quite sad how it turned out
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EpiphanyProudfoot Posted on 02/12/2019 21:23

Documentary Recommendation = Mary Millington
Yep I thought so too Cooper. Virtually hunted at the end.
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