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merrykoala Posted on 01/12/2019 22:37
We should pick our ball up and go home...
...is what a taxi driver said to me about Brexit the other day.

Now I actually voted for Brexit, at the time I bought into the anti-establishment angle.

A couple of years later I realised that noone really knew how to deliver the damn thing without doing massive harm to the country. Suddenly the people who pushed for it were either missing or had different ideas on what Brexit should be now and nobody in charge had the ollocks to call it what it is, a mistake sold on lies.

Somehow, the public think we're being betrayed by not getting it, not by the bunch of crooks that sold it to them and, funnily enough, many of them have been complicit in delaying it.

The problem with the taxi drivers analogy, and what he couldn't see, is that when you pick the ball up and go home you dont get to play anymore, the other kids are inconvenienced but there are other kids with other balls, the game goes on without you.

So how the hell do we fix this mess? A vote none gave a XXXXXX about until 2015 has decimated parliament and meant we have one of the most unsuitable people imaginable as Prime Minister in charge of the biggest direction change this country has gone through for generations and there is no way I can see to make any of it right.

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