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laughingboroboy Posted on 07/10/2019 10:51
Woodgates Promises....
1) We will play the youth - we dont, not one has played in any run of games that didnt play last year (Wing/Fry). You could argue we've even stopped the youth coming through: Tav not getting his game until last couple + signing wing-backs over Coulson etc..

2) We will press teams - First 2/3 games we did, now we seem sit back almost inside our own third, teams then pick us off from diagonal balls into the box.

3) One touch attacking football - Same as pressing, we did this for 2/3 games, but now we seem to give the ball away going short and resort to hitting it long which as Britt cant hold a ball up it inevitably comes back to us (TP told us all this last year hence playing Hugill)

4) Lots of movement/creativity - As above did this for 2/3 games and now we look unbelievably pedestrian, taking throw-ins as an example even the opposition commentators were saying how they didnt have to challenge but just wait and we would give them the ball back.

For me he either doesnt know what hes doing or how to sustain performances like the first 2/3, or he did believe in the "philosophy" however after losing a few he has abandoned it and resorted to trying to be compact which isnt working.
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OnlyInAmerica Posted on 07/10/2019 11:19

Woodgates Promises....
Because the players are having it.
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laughingboroboy Posted on 07/10/2019 11:52

Woodgates Promises....
Having it large
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atypical_boro Posted on 07/10/2019 12:23
Edited On: 07/10/2019 12:25
Woodgates Promises....
I think he's probably realised that a footballing 'philosophy' is only worth anything if you have the manager and players communicating well enough, with the required amount of skill between them, to carry it out.

Karanka's philosophy worked in the Championship.

Pulis' almost did, but he's hated for it.

Woodgate's early press conferences were well intentioned but ultimately have no bearing on how he will eventually be judged.

The fact is, you simply cannot 'promise' nice football. It is the holy grail that most teams are striving for. If you could promise it, everyone would be promising it and everyone would be achieving it.

If I'd been given the job in the summer, my opening pressers would have been very similar to Woody's. I too knew exactly what the fans wanted to hear. Doesn't mean it would have translated into reality though.
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laughingboroboy Posted on 07/10/2019 12:24

Woodgates Promises....
100% mate, couldn't agree more.
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erimus74 Posted on 07/10/2019 15:02

Woodgates Promises....
atypical_boro, good post again

I think Woody should have stated, I'm hoping to build my team around fitness, high tenacity football, high pressing, get the ball back when losing iy etc, when he knew full well the nucleus of the squad cant play that way
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erimus74 Posted on 07/10/2019 15:06

Woodgates Promises....
But lets not get away from the fact Gibson is solely to blame, we shouldnt be filling message boards with comments about woodgates lost the dressing room, out of his depth, doesnt have a clue etc, when right from the beginning SG wanted the cheapest option available & woody is the fall guy, I really hope he thrives & succeeds at the Boro. more for him, his family & the fans than Gibson
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atypical_boro Posted on 07/10/2019 15:48

Woodgates Promises....
Well Gibson appointed him so obviously its on his head erimus, but if you remember the feelings about Pulis last season, you can understand why he opted against:

Cowleys (not 'attacking' enough)

Jokanovic (would have wanted lots of money and raised expectation to promotion as a bare minimum, lots of pressure and lots of pressure to spend money we probably don't have or aren't allowed to spend under FFP)

Chris Hughton (footall also deemed to be 'boring')

I do wonder if he just thought 'fcuk it, whatever I do I could get flayed alive so I might as well just pick the lad who I know is desperate for the chance' and hope it turns out ok. He's taken punts in the past that have.

This one might too yet, as bad as things seem now, but we need to be steering away from relegation zone before Christmas.
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Muttley Posted on 07/10/2019 15:53

Woodgates here to stay
There is no magic wand.

I hope Woody will get a full season to establish a new pattern of play. Anyone who was thinking that we were going to be pushing for a play off place hadn't been paying attention and really shouldn't be kicking off about it now.

I have to admit it is heart breaking to see that queue of billionaires outside the Riverside and Gibson being so stubborn as to reject their advances. It's plain wrong.
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laughingboroboy Posted on 07/10/2019 16:29

Woodgates here to stay
All sensible posts lads, makes a change [^]
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SmoggyOnTheSolent Posted on 07/10/2019 16:43
Edited On: 07/10/2019 16:50
Woodgates here to stay
We're a small town club with 20'000 spectators a week and the budgets we have match this. Mr Gibson has put absolutely millions into this club and he's worth about 180 million. In percentage terms he has invested more than the billionaires who own Man City.

We cant knock him if we don't support him as a town. Woodgate will take MUCH longer than 10 games to change the philosophy.

On the kids, they don't look good enough to me which is why they aren't all filling the spots. The youngster at left back looked good and got injured. He may well of had a run in the side.

Wing looks like he needs a break to recharge the batteries or get fitter (not sure which). Tav I like but he needs time to adjust too.

I don't see others knocking the door down.

For me the recruitment team needs to be VERY strongly looked at and invested in because they have been XXXXXXe for 5 years or more. Karanka saw this and tried to change it but it backfired.
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wilkos_perm Posted on 07/10/2019 16:43

Woodgates here to stay
The problem is to implement the way he says he wants to play we need to get hold of players who are technically good enough, mentally switched on, and physically strong enough to cover the necessary ground. All within budget. If our recruitment record was up to scratch them it would be a hard task, with such a poor record I suspect we'll be looking at another failed "project" and yet another change of direction.
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