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erimus74 Posted on 11/09/2019 06:57
This day 1976 Sunderland in the pouring rain
A group of us 15 year old lads set off from West Lane / Whinney Banks on our way to Ayresome Park to see the mighty Boro play Sunderland, the weather was awful, it poured down from walking to the ground, to the final whistle
I can still remember my mam telling me & my younger brother, 'you need a jacket on, you'll catch your death', we'll be fine mam & off we went

By the time we got into the Holgate end we were all drenched rats, with one of the lads was wearing a wolly hat & it must have weighed a ton

Big Jacks final season in the Boro hot seat seen the Boro go behind in this 1st division North East tussel, then as usual Boro took control & 2 goals from Sunderland fan Alan Willey won the game for the mighty Boro & sent our friendly neighbours home pointless, again, another relegation fight for them

Jack's team

Jim Platt
John Craggs
Terry Cooper
Graeme Souness
Stuart Boam
Willie Maddren
Tony McAndrew
David Mills
Alan Willey
Phil Boersma
Davey Armstrong
Peter Brine

Link: Gerrrrrin there
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erimus74 Posted on 11/09/2019 07:02

This day 1976 Sunderland in the pouring rain
Sports gazette headlines of that wet afternoon at Ayresome Park

Oh the joys of been young a Boro fan going to Ayresome Park in the 70's x

Link: Erimus gazette
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erimus74 Posted on 11/09/2019 07:11

This day 1976 Sunderland in the pouring rain

Link: Match ticket
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r00fie1 Posted on 11/09/2019 07:41

This day 1976 Sunderland in the pouring rain
We had joy
we had fun
we had sunlun on the run

but the joy didnt last
cus the bXXXXXXz ran too fast[^]
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goanmad Posted on 11/09/2019 07:42

This day 1976 Sunderland in the pouring rain
Was there as an 11 year old my dad dropped me & my brother off at the Bob End & he went to the chicken run! Small skirmishes in the Boys end under the covered bit, great day
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coluka Posted on 11/09/2019 08:27

This day 1976 Sunderland in the pouring rain
Was there in the south west upper with my old man. Great day, great times. Weather never bothered me a bit. Sun, rain, snow, wind, If Boro were playing, that was all that mattered in the world in those days [^]
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alanmoodysdog Posted on 11/09/2019 09:32

This day 1976 Sunderland in the pouring rain
this was a very strange day for me . I went to the match with Sunderland fans...the wingate sunderland fans had tickets for the clive road corner and had a bus on. The only other time I have been with away fans was the incredible day at Wolves when we got promotion ( on a freebie from BASF paints...) The bus dropped the fans off near the ground and remember going into a Sammy Smiths club in a terraced street near the hospital ...made our way to the corner and jumped when willey scored - protected from a beating by my wingate mates..never did it again
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erimus74 Posted on 11/09/2019 14:07
Edited On: 11/09/2019 14:10
This day 1976 Sunderland in the pouring rain
Alan Willey whatever the reason, he never sort of established himself as big John's replacement,don't know if wasnt hungry enough, good enough or to big a player to follow, but during his latter time at the Boro he went to the States during the summer months & played 'soccer' came back to the UK when for the Boro to start the season, he certainly caught the bug & lifestyle of the States because as soon as his contract was up he was off over there, playing & living in the states full time & became & still is, a legend
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redwurzel Posted on 11/09/2019 14:24
Edited On: 11/09/2019 14:41
This day 1976 Sunderland in the pouring rain
Never rained in July and August 1976 and then 3 days of solid rain - the River Esk flooded below our family house and us kids had fun riding out bikes through new puddles that used to be road.

I thought we had it when we conceded because in that season we only scored a goal a game however rarely conceded at home - made a Pulis team look like Brazil.
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erimus74 Posted on 11/09/2019 14:49

This day 1976 Sunderland in the pouring rain
redwurzel, nice one

Yes we struggled with the goalscoring, luckily Alan Willey was pumped up playing against the team he supported
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emerson_ave Posted on 11/09/2019 18:20

This day 1976 Sunderland in the pouring rain
I remember this game oh so well. My girlfriend (now my wife) was with me at my family home for the weekend and came to the game.. We got a lift to the ground with a family friend, an Irishman. I remember him exclaiming as he drove us to the ground through the torrential rain and flooded roads 'Jezus it's like driving a fxxxxxx submarine'.
We walked back home from the game. I think it had stopped raining but my wife was none too happy at being wet through. Somewhere near the junction of he Avenue and the Crescent there was a large amount of standing water at the side of the road. I heard a bus coming and shouted to my wife to take cover. She did but I was engulfed in a tidal wave. My wife could not contain her laughter at the sight of her 'drowned rat' husband to be.
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HolgateCorner Posted on 11/09/2019 21:51

This day 1976 Sunderland in the pouring rain
Alan Willey actually looked half decent in that match didnít he?

Iíve still got the programme sonewhere, all the pages stuck together and ruined by the rain.
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