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erimus74 Posted on 10/09/2019 18:05
Edited On: 10/09/2019 22:26Tomorrow, 11th September 1965
Brian 'Taffy' Orritt made Middlesbrough history by becoming the 1st Boro player to substitute another Boro player, when subs were 1st brought in it was only to replace an injured player, not tactics, which was Boro's full back Neville Chapman, No2, v Preston away
Ironically No2 right back was the only position BO never covered, as he moved to WH & Brian Horner moved to RB
The 1st sub at home was on the 18th when BO replaced the keeper

More to follow
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dragged_up_in_whinneybanks Posted on 10/09/2019 18:12

Tomorrow, 11th September 1965
Taffy was the first super-sub. Invariably, he started on the bench and came on sometime in the second half. Cliff Mitchell’s favourite phrase was “Orritt turned on a sixpence”
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erimus11 Posted on 10/09/2019 22:43
Edited On: 10/09/2019 22:51
Tomorrow, 11th September 1965
I considered Taffy Orritt to be the hard guy in our team but his stats for The Boro show that he was a lot more than that. He scored 23 goals in 128 appearances - not bad for what would be considered a holding midfielder nowadays
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Nosmo-King Posted on 10/09/2019 23:02

Tomorrow, 11th September 1965
Erimus, wasn’t it Billy Horner?! I know Billy played wing half for us around that time
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emerson_ave Posted on 10/09/2019 23:35

Tomorrow, 11th September 1965
Definitely Billy.
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erimus74 Posted on 11/09/2019 05:31

Tomorrow, 11th September 1965
Yes of course it was, it's a corner, Billy Horner, didn't Brian Horner play for Hartlepool [rle]
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McMordie Posted on 11/09/2019 12:57
Edited On: 11/09/2019 12:58
Tomorrow, 11th September 1965
PNE 1 Boro 1

The substitution caused some controversy on the day. Preston fans booed Chapman off the pitch when he went off after half an hour, convinced that Boro were taking advantage of the new law and that Chapman was faking injury to allow them to change the system, particularly as Orritt wasn't a full back.

In fact, it was shown after the match that Chapman had pulled his hamstring, Boro didn't have the option of replacing him with a full back as they only had one substitute and, as Erimus says above, Orritt went into the midfield anyway, with Horner dropping back.

Irvine was Boro's hero and villain, heading them into the lead after 42 minutes but shooting wide of an open goal a minute later.

Preston equalised after 72 minutes, with Lawson stabbing the ball home in a goalmouth scramble.

Attendance - 15081.

Northern League results:

Evenwood 1 North Shields 3
Whitley Bay 4 (Wright (2), Walton, Richie) Shildon 1 (Milne)(League Cup Preliminary Round)
Penrith 4 (Hodgson, Brough (2), Storey) Stanley Utd 1 (Milton) (League Cup Prelim Rd)
Blyth Spartans 3 (Bell, Orrick (2)) Durham City 2 (Randell (2))
Spennymoor Utd 2 Bishop Auckland 4
Ferryhill Ath 3 Crook Town 2
Billingham Synthonia 3 Willington 0
South Bank 1 Tow Law 4
West Auckland o Whitby Town 0

Top of the UK singles chart - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones.

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erimus11 Posted on 11/09/2019 18:21

Tomorrow, 11th September 1965

Brian Honour played for the Pools
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stewboss Posted on 11/09/2019 20:29

Tomorrow, 11th September 1965
Evenwood Town and Spennymoor. One and the same now.
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erimus74 Posted on 12/09/2019 15:29

Tomorrow, 11th September 1965
Following on from the 11th September Brian Orritt been the 1st Boro substitute used & No2 apart he played in every other position, the list which shows the team he 1st wore that shirt number, is as follows:-

1. Rob Applebly 18/09/65 away to Charlton drew 2-2
1. Eddie Connaghan 4/12/65 home to Coventry drew 1-1
2? Neville Chapman 11/9/65 away to Preston drew 1-1, Billy Horner dropped to No2 right back BO went to WH
3. Home to Southampton 12/12/64 won 4-1
4. Home to Plymouth 24/8/63 won 5-0
5. Away to Rotherham 31/10/64 won 3-2
6. Home to Derby 12/4/63 won 5-1
7. Home to Cardiff 24/4/64 won 3-1
8. Home to Charlton 3/3/62 won 3-2 - Boro debut
9. Away to Rotherham 3/4/62 won 1-0
10. Away to Walsall 23/4/62 won 2-1
11. Away to Leeds 7/4/62 lost 2-0
12. Preston away 11/9/65
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erimus74 Posted on 19/09/2019 16:42

Yesterday, 18th September 1965
Brian Taffy Orrit made history when he became the 1st ever Boro substitute at Ayresome Park, replacing the injured keeper Appleby in a 2-2 draw with Charlton
I would think erimus11, corcaigh & Barnsy would have witness that historic landmark
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almeria2005 Posted on 19/09/2019 18:02

Yesterday, 18th September 1965
I was at the game and think we were 2 goals down when he replaced Appleby
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Picto_Leng Posted on 19/09/2019 18:06

Yesterday, 18th September 1965
It's not often that Bryan Orritt gets a mention on here, so I thought this would be a good time to share a letter and a postcard he sent me soon after the 2002 interview took place, a few days after which he returned to South Africa for good. I sent him a letter asking a few questions subsequent to the interview, while I was transcribing the tape and writing the article.

The letter is of relevance to this thread, as he speaks of one of his games, before he came to Boro, where he subbed for an injured keeper whilst at Birmingham City. He also mentions his appearances in two Fairs Cup Finals, also for Birmingham.

Bryan's handwriting might be difficult to understand, so here is what it says:

Hi Shaun

Sorry for the delay in answering your questions, but my daughter in law gave birth premature [I think that is what it says - any suggestions as to what else it might say will be gladly received] and the child and my sons wife have been in hospital for a while.

I did play for Llanfair P.G. [Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch], I worked in Anglesey at the time.

I played in both Fairs Cup Finals and scored in the home game against Roma 2-2.

Both finals were on home and away. We played Barcelona at Nou Camp, and Roma at the Olympic stadium in Rome.

I played in goal against Man Utd 58-59 and Bobby Charlton scored the goal.


Bryan Orritt.

I'll send the link for the postcard on a separate post, as I can't work out how to make a single link containing more than one image.

I have a bunch of old photographs that I took of the players I interviewed and some at player reunions that have never been published - it would be good to get them out there. Perhaps Erimus, you can help me with that as you use the same site for your images?

Link: Letter from Bryan Orritt
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erimus74 Posted on 19/09/2019 23:00

Yesterday, 18th September 1965
Picto_Leng, that's brilliant [^]

Brian Orritt had a cracking career didn't he, as well as going in the Boro record books for something unique that will never be broken

Yes, post them on here, it will be great viewing the photos, that's what this forums for
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SalopianStocktonian Posted on 19/09/2019 23:50

Tomorrow, 11th September 1965
I vaguely remember him upsetting Charlie Hurley in a Sunderland derby. Ended with Hurley chasing him the length of the pitch. Sure he scored both in a 2-2 draw. Also remember him playing in goal. Legend
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almeria2005 Posted on 20/09/2019 14:20

Tomorrow, 11th September 1965
The game ended 2-0 to the Boro and Taffy scored both goals,Taffy and Don Ratcliffe continually blocked and stood on Hurleys feet at every corner Sunderland took which ended up with Hurley chasing Taffy
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erimus74 Posted on 20/09/2019 14:24

Tomorrow, 11th September 1965
Great stories, could you see that happening today they'd be rolling around in agony
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