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borodrew Posted on 13/08/2019 21:38
Edited On: 13/08/2019 22:05How dare he take more than 3 games to change
The whole playing style, ethos and get the balance right after years of garbage. He should be able to come in and click his fingers and wala we are playing free flowing football with the perfect balance, a whole new load of players perfectly moulded into the playing style in just one single window.

Unbelievable this place. Talk of a long term change. Several transfer windows of slowly acquiring the right players.slowly getting rid of players who don't fit as Co tracts expire, freeing up funds for more.

Who would have thought young players with potential would put in poor or inconsistent performances which would have to be endured for the long term change. That we would have to stick through times like this so players like wood can become first team additions.

Or that getting the balance right would take time.

Or that a new manager would need time and would need to work things out through trial and error.

Who would have thought the fans would have the knives sharpened after 2 games ready to boo and moan even though its clear successful or not its not been long enough to Implement change. . I guess that one was easier to call! 😂

Short memories people. different time money wise but mclaren lost his first 4. You could see we were changing things and it would take time then. Have a little patience.

Give a young manager, from our town, who wants to play the right way time to work it out. The chance to experiment with what he has. Try systems. Tweak the balance.

Do you think the likes of ajax abandon ship and plan after two games?

Staggering. And unfair.

Edit- he needed more players and he was once again let down by the club like so many others.
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Orionpax42 Posted on 13/08/2019 21:43

How dare he take more than 3 games to change
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markusbent Posted on 13/08/2019 21:55

How dare he take more than 3 games to change
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Derek_Duvall Posted on 13/08/2019 22:12

How dare he take more than 3 games to change
It's not that at all. It's the size and quality and abilities of that squad.

We've just seen that other players can not step up. We improved significantly when the first teamers came on but as has been said time and time again, if one or two players get injured we are in deep trouble.

I like Woody and hope he does well but he has a hell of a job here. This, to me, is Mowbray mark two.
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keelo Posted on 13/08/2019 22:17

How dare he take more than 3 games to change
Poundshop Gibson
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borodrew Posted on 13/08/2019 22:22
Edited On: 13/08/2019 22:25
How dare he take more than 3 games to change
I agree with that derek.

Thats why its the club who we should be disappointed with imo. I don't see how the size, quality or abiliteis of the squad can be labelled at woodgate. He has had a few scraps to add very little. the rest inherited. He will have to wheel and deal his way to his type of footballer of the next several windows.

Thats why if you are steve gibson and you agree to this change of play you have to back him to the max FFP allows. HAVE to get those players in he wants.

We are weak depth wise. The forwards and the final third still lack quality.

We proved that in the first half saturday. The football was better, the pressing earned us several chances and bar the poor ref we still lacked the quality to finish.

They didnt .

quality costs money. Woodgate hasn't had that luxury.

If it was going to be a half hearted change then we may aswell have stuck with pulis.

I still feel like the point remains though. If this is going to work, its still going to take more than three games, and those sticking the knives in already are not being fair.

Look at man city with hundreds of millions when pep came in. It took time. Im not comparing him to woodgate in the slightest, but if it takes time with all that money then its going to with a poor backing from the club, shoe string signings and the youth team as your backups.
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Riponred Posted on 13/08/2019 22:30

How dare he take more than 3 games to change
Agree with all that Boro drew. Itís all going to take time.
New brand of football, young players getting a chance.
This season should be about transition.
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NHertsBoro Posted on 13/08/2019 22:54

How dare he take more than 3 games to change
That's all well and good but if we end up in League One it is a massive backward step. For the sale of another 4 or 5m targeted at the right areas in the team Woodgate could have had a fighting chance. This penny pinching is gambling with the club's future success.
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borodrew Posted on 13/08/2019 22:56

How dare he take more than 3 games to change
Agree Herts. And I think 5 mil would have made a difference. When you only have gestede to come on from the branch its an issue.
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outoftowned Posted on 13/08/2019 23:00
Edited On: 13/08/2019 23:01
How dare he take more than 3 games to change
Name the 4 or 5 million gross over two years that would guarantee a very different result over the season ?
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NHertsBoro Posted on 13/08/2019 23:17

How dare he take more than 3 games to change
1m loan fee for a Success or an Ibe (or similar) then a creative midfielder for 2m or so (Maddison/McGeady) and a striker to provide back up and competition to Britt and Fletcher. I'm sure there are decent options available in L1/2 and abroad for a reserve striker.
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outoftowned Posted on 13/08/2019 23:21

How dare he take more than 3 games to change
Even in a world where ibe wanted to come , and the rest of them...
You forgot wages ..
Then injures ..
No guarantee is there ?
Make it 15 million , you might have an insured argument
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bargain_basement Posted on 13/08/2019 23:22

How dare he take more than 3 games to change
Trouble is Woodgate was here with Pulis so what has he taken from those 2 seasons? We now can't defend and are knackered come the 2nd half. Woodgate should have followed Pulis out the door, Gibson's fault.

It may only be 3 games but now he's not only got to get his new system drilled into his players but he's soon going to be trying to build back their confidence and with every defeat the job will get harder and harder.
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