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big-eggo Posted on 13/08/2019 20:49
Questionable Team Selection
Given that our first string is struggling to get to grips with a new system/new players I thought Woody would have kept the same side.
Our second string looks as dysfunctional as the first 11.
Needs early changes to try and sort this.
Get Britt, McNair and Johnson or Fletcher on for the start of the second half.
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newyddion Posted on 13/08/2019 22:34

Questionable Team Selection
Gestede should not have started for me [V]
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big-eggo Posted on 13/08/2019 22:38

Questionable Team Selection
desperate last roll of the dice to see if there is any kind of player left in his shell.

I don't rate him one bit but he was never going to have much of a chance with the team selection.
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Teesside88 Posted on 13/08/2019 22:44

Questionable Team Selection
Working abroad so never made it but from what I've heard gestede Tavernier saville never broke into a sprint first half. Dont know how they dare all 3 have a point to prove but apparently would rather spit dummy out. Pathetic. Feel sorry for woodgate having to work with this load of dross.

Team selection vs Brentford was poor but the way some players performed tonight from what I've heard is clearly why some players who shouldn't really be playing are. At least there was a fight back so we arent going to Blackburn having lost a 90minute game to Crewe.
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bargain_basement Posted on 13/08/2019 22:49

Questionable Team Selection
Agree with op, perfect game to give the new system a go. Woody said on Saturday that he won't be making wholesale changes then drops everyone but clayton.

We got exactly what we deserved tonight and it all falls on Woodgate's shoulders. But no need to panic we're seeing more goals like we were promised.

God help us at Blackburn cos there's no way Woodgate will out think Mogga and that will do the team's confidence a world of good.

He couldn't even get it right that Britt would score his next penalty!
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borofan30 Posted on 13/08/2019 23:09

Questionable Team Selection
I was happy with the starting 11 apart from gestede who is just a waste of money and the shirt . Was happy to see new signings start along with friend and wood.. that team was and should of been too strong for crewe but at the end of the day it wasnt ability (except gestede) the team just didnt turn up in application relaxed attitude turn up we will win mentality just a shame none of the starters gave woodgate selection dilemma for saturday will probably be back to team that started first 2 league games
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