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Edis_Pilf Posted on 03/08/2019 08:42
Edited On: 14/08/2019 08:34We Are Absolutely Awful "Updated*
Well, we must be

Woodgate is a bottle job
Coulson is gash*
Shotton is not good enough*
Howson is terrible*
Clayton is not good enough*
McNair is awful*
Fletcher is lightweight*
Britt is woeful*

Tavernier is slow*
Friend's legs have gone*
Gestede [:D]

* Until they have a good game and then they are world beaters

But we do have a world class player in Marvin Johnson......... until he has a poor game and then he's absolute gash

We are doomed I tell you. Doomed.
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Nero Posted on 03/08/2019 08:46

We Are Absolutely Awful
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Konrad_the_Barbarian Posted on 03/08/2019 08:48

We Are Absolutely Awful
It's opinions that keep this place going.
It would be a dull world if everyone agreed on everything.
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Ali-Brownlee-legend Posted on 03/08/2019 08:50

We Are Absolutely Awful
Agreed Konrad [:D]
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Edis_Pilf Posted on 03/08/2019 08:55

We Are Absolutely Awful

Just a bit of fun.

But even before kick off Woodgate was described as a bottle job based on his team selection. Some posters on here do make me laugh.
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Lemmy_Kilmister Posted on 03/08/2019 09:45

We Are Absolutely Awful
It's hard for some people to change their opinion when they've already made their minds up.
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Konrad_the_Barbarian Posted on 03/08/2019 09:57
Edited On: 03/08/2019 10:03
We Are Absolutely Awful
I know Edis ........ it made me chuckle as well [:D]

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paulwilko10 Posted on 03/08/2019 10:32

We Are Absolutely Awful
Oh dear Edis is still going on lol

Get a life young man, get a life.

I merely pointed out that the team selection did not back up everything he's been saying throughout the summer.

You can put your own spin on the comment if you like, but get over it.
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Edis_Pilf Posted on 03/08/2019 12:05

We Are Absolutely Awful
"bottle job" is what you said Paulwilko. Before a ball had been kicked.

What spin would you like me to put on it [:D]
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CardiffDaffs Posted on 03/08/2019 12:35

We Are Absolutely Awful
Did Wilko say that? Haha you never change your spots lad. Life should never be viewed from the negative all the time son.

I suggest you get out of Bracknell very soon and cheer yourself up [:D]
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sheriff_john_bunnell Posted on 03/08/2019 12:38

We Are Absolutely Awful
It seems to be a very positive response to the first game. The vast majority aren't complaining at all.
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Edis_Pilf Posted on 03/08/2019 12:42

We Are Absolutely Awful
It just seems some can't enjoy a good game without feeling the need to criticise at least one player.
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paulwilko10 Posted on 03/08/2019 14:56

We Are Absolutely Awful
I've not criticised anyone after the game, thoroughly enjoyed it.
Shame we didn't get the win but draw was fair.
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Edis_Pilf Posted on 14/08/2019 08:33

We Are Absolutely Awful

If Woodgate allows Britt to take penalties imagine what other boll ox he will drop.

Dijksteel and Bola are competing for worst full debuts in history.

Tavernier needs to go out on loan.

On a positive note McNair and Fletcher, having been previously useless, should now be the first names on the sheet.
Until their next poor match when they become useless again.

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