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uncle_rico Posted on 11/07/2019 23:33
Really enjoying this. Is funny and sad all at the same time. A very good adaption of the book.
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swordtrombonefish Posted on 12/07/2019 00:30

Started the book 3 times & finished it twice since the 70's in the hope I'd understand it better on 2nd read - watched the original film twice and I think they are both challenging but in different ways.

The book is anti-war with out of order sequences that are dark, sometimes hilarious episodes and at other times insane and bereft of logic. It seems to send you into a loop for the first half of the book (which is a hard read for me) then decends into the seriousness of war in the second half (but is no less bizarre)

The film mirrors that to a point but instead of the serious undertones gets odder the more it progresses and is punctuated by more intensity and insanity whilst the earlier humour falls away. The message is all too clear but the starkness at the end is both surreal and a bit unsettling.

I'll definitely have to watch the mini-series for comparison.
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DowningAlbion Posted on 12/07/2019 05:34

One of my favorite books of all time, when I first read it in I couldn't put it down. As soon as I'd finished it I started it again

Yes it is anti-war, but the bigger theme is the insanity of bureaucracy. The film is not great, IMHO

Haven't seen any of the new mini-series but I've just finished the new season of Bosch so I have a space for it. Thanks for the reminder

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hopesoboro Posted on 12/07/2019 07:03

Extremely rare that a film can compete with a book.
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colin21 Posted on 12/07/2019 08:31

My favourites book of all time, they say it took him 6-7 years to write it. I have read it 3 times, a good way to read it after that is just open it up randomly and read a chapter. Brilliant book.
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