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r00fie1 Posted on 14/04/2019 22:38
Cardiff Devils 2 Belfast giants 1. EIHL Play off Final.
Nottingham Panthers beat Guildford Flames 9-5 in the noon face off [which means they enter the Continental Cup next season].
The main event was the 4pm Face off for the Final.
Brilliant occasion with a thrilling game from start to finish.
Whats different is that all the other clubs have sections reserved for thei fans in the arena so they had fans from:

Milton Keynes

It was a weekend event.The season is over now till august. Tickets range from under £10 to £19 in the best seats with concessions for OAPs, disabled, 18-21 yr olds and children under 18.

If you get the opportunity Ice Hockey is a terrific spectator sport[^]
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Andy Posted on 15/04/2019 09:02

Cardiff Devils 2 Belfast giants 1. EIHL Play off Final.

Sheffield Steelers not in it?
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r00fie1 Posted on 15/04/2019 09:32

Cardiff Devils 2 Belfast giants 1. EIHL Play off Final.

Very poor season by their standards.
At the start of the season many of the core of that trophy winning side had departed - they relied on the same players for a number of seasons without bringing in replacements. Some retired from Ice Hockey. As a Panthers fan I wasnt too disappointed but they are our biggest rivals and its fierce - probably the fiercest in the EIHL.[}:)]

Panthers will see a lot of coming and going now the seasons over but there is a healthy core of Brits - "The Brit Pack" - all are in the Great Britain team or on the fringes:

Robert Farmer
Ollie Betteridge
Steve Lee
Robert Lachowicz
Brett Perlini

Josh Tetlow and Joe Hazeldine are young players who are both chomping at the bit. Josh has played two full seasons and is only 20.Hes very mature for his age. Joe is 18 and waiting his turn. Sam Gospell between the nets is another up coming lad with a bright future.

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slavens_holgate_fence Posted on 15/04/2019 10:05

Cardiff Devils 2 Belfast giants 1. EIHL Play off Final.

Belfast Giants play a stones throw away from my house. Ive never seen them play yet but the stadium and bars look fantastic.
Will definitely go next season
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Andy Posted on 15/04/2019 11:43

Cardiff Devils 2 Belfast giants 1. EIHL Play off Final.

Like yourself Slaven, i live close to Sheffield Arena, but it looks far from fantastic. Only went to one game last season, the 5-4 win against the Devils(!) but will be following them a bit closer next season
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zorro_mfc Posted on 15/04/2019 16:43

Cardiff Devils 2 Belfast giants 1. EIHL Play off Final.

As someone who grew up watching the bombers and following the sport since I was a kid ( through family links) I have to say our version is not a patch on the nhl.

When I saw my first nhl game in 93 ( kings v sharks) it was incredible how quick it was compared to the sport I loved week in week out at the forum.

Hockey is a great spectator sport some of the battles e had with the wasps were up there with boro Newcastle games over the years.

I think it’s a shame that the arenas took the real teams away from there heartlands and created franchise hockey.

Red skins

Great days.

Oh and go islanders 3 games down one to go...
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viperboy Posted on 16/04/2019 15:01

Cardiff Devils 2 Belfast giants 1. EIHL Play off Final.

Tickets for this event were £84 for a weekend early bird price for a adult. I love this event Nottingham is a great venue. The first game of the weekend was close,I was rooting for Guildford as they are coached by a north East lad. Belfast just edged it. The second game was all Cardiff with Nottingham getting booed off. The final went to the team with the best support. The big end to the season with Cardiff claiming the title that Belfast wanted for the grand slam. But Cardiff and Belfast were the league's best team. As for Sheffield poor recruitment, change of coaching. Player's missing too much through injury including billinghams Rob dowd who is one of the league's best player.
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FartingGnome Posted on 16/04/2019 15:08

Cardiff Devils 2 Belfast giants 1. EIHL Play off Final.

We' very possibly recognise each other, zorro. Used to go for about 10 years, early '80s (Ted Philips era) until the early '90's.
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Lemmy_Kilmister Posted on 16/04/2019 15:11

Cardiff Devils 2 Belfast giants 1. EIHL Play off Final.

Sorry, but none of them could hold a candle to the Charlestown Chiefs [;)]

....they knew Eddie Shore...

Link: link
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r00fie1 Posted on 16/04/2019 16:20

Cardiff Devils 2 Belfast giants 1. EIHL Play off Final.

Panthers cheered off on Sunday after the 9-5 victory. Poor season by their standards - finished 3rd.

As for yesteryear,we used to travel over to the Forum to see Billingham Bombers on Saturday evenings. Ian Noble played for them at the time. Must have been 1980. Still got a few programmes knocking about.
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