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redwurzel Posted on 13/04/2019 17:54
Football is strange
We did better against Brentford, Preston and Bristol City in recent home games and lost - today our stats are poorer than out last 4 games but we win.

Only Norwich and Sheff United had won more games than Hull since November. Hull are a top 8 team.
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FrozenHorse Posted on 13/04/2019 22:31

Football is strange
"today our stats are poorer than out last 4 games but we win."

Which stats did you have in mind?

The one that I can never take seriously is possession

In the top 2 divisions today, 3 teams had most possession and won; 10 had less possession and won. Brighton 0 Bournemouth 5 finished 50/50. I don't think this is unusual.

Of course it is not that possession makes you lose, but losing often makes you have more possession as the team who is ahead are often happy to cede possession and sit deep.

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boroskel65 Posted on 13/04/2019 23:26

Football is strange
I thought this walking away from the stadium today; we battered Preston and Bristol City and got nothing, yet we were hanging on today and won.

The last five home games we maybe could've won all five, drawn all five or lost all five. Something seems to unbalanced in the current set up [:D]
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Johnson Posted on 13/04/2019 23:34

Football is strange
That's the Championship! We looked a shoe in for a PO place a month or so ago. That pile of sh run and we're probably not going to make it

We deserved at least, what, 3 or 4 pts from that run it just didn't work out and that would make all the difference now

Could be worse, it could be for the 4th or 5th season like Derby!

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redwurzel Posted on 13/04/2019 23:41

Football is strange
The stats I look at are attempts at goal

Bristol City game we had 23 to their 15 and lost.

I think attempts at goal were 15 each today.
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