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smogmeister Posted on 15/03/2019 15:23
If you can overturn a red card why not the result
This was the talking point in the pub last night among fans from several clubs

How long will it be before someone challenges a result as a result of a poor refereeing decision?
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spider_man Posted on 15/03/2019 15:38

If you can overturn a red card why not the result
You can easily overturn the ban, but you can't predict how the match would have turned out without the red card.

Everyone knows the real answer to this is VAR. Whether people like it or not is another matter, but these kind of decisions need to be right at the time. All of this nonsensical overturning etc would go out of the window if VAR was involved.

Getting it right at the time is the only solution. VAR is being pushed at the higher levels, but it is the lower levels that suffer most from poor refereeing decisions.

In this situation, the ref clearly has a poor view. To produce a red, he has to be certain. Not helped by players rolling around like they've been shot either, but again VAR would remove any notion of a player fooling the referee. Either the challenge is bad or it isn't. Whether the player gets hurt or not isn't relevant as long as the tackle is legal by the rules.
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truthBomb Posted on 15/03/2019 15:40

If you can overturn a red card why not the result
should be played on aggregate

Link: here
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