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gallivant Posted on 15/03/2019 13:50
Edited On: 15/03/2019 13:54The Snow Centre
It has just been revealed that MBC have purchased the land needed for the ski slop and plan to sell it to the developers for the same price......if/when the developers have got the cash. The meeting was due to be held in private as the press and public were going to be banned but this was overturned after a complaint from a member of the public, sounds like another dodgy dogs dinner?
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hopesoboro Posted on 15/03/2019 13:53

The Snow Centre

Who released the information?[?]
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Ticker_Tape Posted on 15/03/2019 13:53

The Snow Centre

It will never get built.
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gallivant Posted on 15/03/2019 13:56

The Snow Centre

Just read it on the Evening Gazette web page so if the Gazette has confirmed it, it must be true????
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flipside Posted on 15/03/2019 13:57

The Snow Centre

More info here.

Link: Ski slope. Not a chance.
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myfooty Posted on 15/03/2019 14:37
Edited On: 15/03/2019 14:57
The Snow Centre

It is time a investigation was launched into the Snow Centre project and the wider middlehaven project.

MBC, and TVCA seem to be paying for everthing with the snow centre project yet it is claimed it is a private development. (why are developer with no funds and no experince of developing anything like a snow centre still involved)

The Snow Centre was giving as the main reason why the foot swing bridge (cost millions in late 1990s) over dock needed to be replaced with new dock road bridge (costing around £10 million) I'm sure Rob from fmttm said this bridge doesn't open like it was supposed to open to allow ships to access the dock. It is pointless having a dock if ships can't access it.
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myfooty Posted on 15/03/2019 14:52

The Snow Centre

The Middlehaven development has been going for over 25 years and very few developments have been complete. Most of what has been developed has been done with public funds. i.e. Riverside Staduim, offices, Middlesbrough College.

Snow Centre project has been going on for more than 5 years and no one is willing to back that project.
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AndyD13 Posted on 15/03/2019 15:16

The Snow Centre

If the planning process is ongoing and costing £400,000 - where does that money appear? Are there any current campany accounts that indicate where that money is and where it went?
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Wev1 Posted on 15/03/2019 16:37

The Snow Centre

400k for planning?

Jesus, get them to send me the .dwg's and notices and I'll do it for half the cost.

I fear this is becoming a bit of a white Elephant. Not a lot of it stacks up. The visitor numbers being touted are practically impossible, even half the amount would be practically impossible.

The developers (or financiers) have probably realised this and probably won't back it as they likely won't get their money back. So the developers then pull out and blame the financing, when it's their issue for over estimating viability. Problem is the council bought the viability aspect and have spent a boat load of cash on enabling works!

That area is like a magnet for failed construction projects.
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Badonde Posted on 15/03/2019 16:50

The Snow Centre

Get the Casino project going again.
With punters accommodated at 'Kerplunk Towers'.

Where's a madcap flamboyant architect when you need one?
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Taxijoe Posted on 15/03/2019 16:50

The Snow Centre

Some strange people on here.

The council have bought it because the seller is upping the price in April. The danger is it won't go ahead if the land costs too much.

On another thread some people are praising the Tory Mayor for paying fortunes for land that's so contaminated it will never be used, but that's ok because he is a Tory and the Council are Labour.
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Wev1 Posted on 15/03/2019 17:14

The Snow Centre

It's only contaminated with 2m worth of Sand, containing bits of Slag. That's not hard to remove, if need be, easy digging.

It's not like some of the other areas which have 3 meters of solid slag as hard as granite.

Leaving contaminated ground open to the air and rain is probably more damaging than if they just concreted and tarmac'd over the lot of it and sealed it in.
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The_Right_Honourable_Member Posted on 15/03/2019 18:09

The Snow Centre

Surely it's a positive move? Land that was otherwise doing nothing will be possibly used to develop a Snow Centre or it could be used for something else. Also, if the value of the land is going up, it would make sense to buy it now at a cheaper price. That represents value. Pretty basic stuff really. Can't see any negatives.
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myfooty Posted on 15/03/2019 18:28

The Snow Centre

The land was owned by the UK government via Homes England.

Homes England is the non-departmental public body that funds new affordable housing in England. It was founded on 1st January 2018 to replace the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA). HCA in turn was established by the Housing and Regeneration Act 2008 as one of the successor bodies to the Housing Corporation, and became operational on 1 December 2008.
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myfooty Posted on 15/03/2019 18:41
Edited On: 15/03/2019 18:58
The Snow Centre

If the land wasn't brought from Homes England before April 2019 MBC and and TVCA would have had a some explaining to. The Government would have been asking about the way the bridge over the dock was funded. Main reason for funding the bridge was the Snow Centre project needed it. The government would have also been asking why this snow centre project has had so much funding from MBC, TVCA and Tees Valley Mayor whilst so little has come from private developers.

MBC and TVCA have funded this project but it seems that they will not see a profit form this project, if project gets developed it is the private developers that haven't funded it that will get the profits.
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LeeTublin Posted on 15/03/2019 18:45

The Snow Centre

When will people realise this wont happen ?
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asredastheycome Posted on 16/03/2019 10:52

The Snow Centre

"The council have bought it because the seller is upping the price in April. The danger is it won't go ahead if the land costs too much."

If the council have bought it to sell on for same price to the developers then why didn't those developers building the White Elephant just buy it themselves.
Something very fishy is going on here.
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dorivasmiddlefinger Posted on 16/03/2019 13:16

The Snow Centre

its not a secret the company behind this don't have a pot...
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gallivant Posted on 16/03/2019 14:28

The Snow Centre

If that's the case what's the theory behind all of this backing from MBC, no doubt funds as well, just does not sit right?
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deganya Posted on 17/03/2019 20:19

The Snow Centre

Just seen this on Facebook, from Middlesbrough Council Uncovered.

The Devil’s is the detail - Snow Centre update.

The Gazette has reported a story about the Snow Centre today. It seems at last that they are starting to piece together the ongoing Snow Centre saga.

At the end of the article it states SnowCentre developer Cool Runnings NE Limited ‘declined to comment’ . 😬 😬 No comment from Cool Runnings who have been blowing wind up our backsides for years now. Suddenly they have gone to ground.

Now why would that be ? Number of reasons in our opinion

1 - No accounts available since September 2017 . That’s 18 months ago with the mast accounts filed showing a LOSS

2- Previously announced on numerous occasions that Ice Factor was the chosen operator for the Snow Centre, but now says they are looking for an operator.

3- Has had a significant period of time to complete the lease agreement with Home and Communities ( now HE ] and has FAILED to do so

4- Has received almost £100,000 from Middlesbrough Council in order to meet timescales but has FAILED to so

5- Has received over £200,000 from TVCA but NO progress made to date

6- Is now seen to be milking the the Boro Taxpayer for what is believed to be another £1,000,000 as Middlesbrough Council Labour councillors have decided to purchase land on their behalf as it seems that Cool Runnings 1- haven’t got the money , 2- can’t get any funding, 3 - don’t want to invest in the project themselves !

7- they have got no experience in this field of work and it seems totally out of their depth and their short comings are now exposed.

MCU has now noted that the Rachel Howson has now set up another company called Sub Zero ( Middlehaven Limited ) . This is the company that the council has stated it will ‘enter straight into a deal with’ . Wooooo , Stop there. Alarm bells 🔔 This is a newly formed company with no trading history , a repeat of a Cool Runnings Limited. Due Dilligence alert .

What’s MIDDLESBROUGH COUNCIL saying about it all ?

It seems this snow business is messing with their heads 😉

Middlesbrough Council is tying themselves up in knots - happens when you don’t tell the truth

1- Middlesbrough Council is now stating that it has never stated that there was an operator for the Snow Centre. This totally conflicts with the numerous statements put out by Cool Runnings. Have we been lied to or has Ice Factor pulled out ?

2- We read Middlesbrough Council is crying that HE are changing the terms and that’s why the Council is stepping in. That is what you call PR spin.

The fact is the deadline given to Cool Runnings is April. They have had quite along time to complete the deal and they have FAILED so so.

Why is Middlesbrough Council and Charlie Rooney pointing the finger at HE and not in the direction where the blame lies - Cool Runnings 👈

HE have done nothing wrong. In fact you could say that they have been quite patient with Cool Runnings who have yet to do anything that they have promised. 🤔

3- We now read that Kevin Parkes states that the authority needs to be ‘pragmatic’ (sensible and realistic) and for the council to step in to ensure that project is delivered. 🤔

Nice of Kevin Parkes to inadvertently admit that to date that the council hasn’t been sensible or realistic about is its Snow Centre fantasy project 🙊

4-We learn that the council has been buying ‘large swathes of land
‘ from Home and Communities , but for some unknown and unexplained reason didn’t buy the land where the Snow centre is planned to be located. But now that plan hasn’t been pulled off, the council is now having to step in and buy it. 💴

5- Odd then that the council DID buy land specifically for another company that Rachel Howson is a director of , Twenty 13 Developments . This land was for this company to build a hotel and retail outlet near to the Snow Centre. Fair to assume that this company couldn’t get any funding too. This deal was subject to Cool Runnings completing their deal with HE, something that we now know has gone , ‘tits up’ , so in turn this deal is on a slippery slope 🙈

Th council has made no reference to this Dudd deal leaving the Tax payer out of pocket.

6- The council state that if the Snow Centre development had never come forward , the council would have always looked to buy what it considers as ‘a valuable piece of land ‘ 🙄

So why didn’t they buy it five years ago as they have stated that they ‘want to control over the land at Middlehaven’ Are there any undeclared friendships between seniors officers, councillors and Elected mayors of Middlesbrough Council and Cool Runnings?

After all it does seem that the Council is bending over backwards for them despite hearing Charlie Rooney, Budd and Parkinson tell us investors are supposed to banging down their doors to come to Middlesbrough.

7 - Today’s gazette report states that Middlesbrough Council has ‘not granted any funding to Cool Runnings apart from an agreed grant “less than £100,000’ ‘which will be used for public realm works that can only start once the Snow Centre is off the ground ‘. FAKE NEWS ALERT Alarm 🚨 🔔 . THATS SIMPLY NOT TRUE and MCU can prove it !

OFFICIAL Council records state

1- ‘ The grant is proposed to aid the developer accelerate, enable and support the proposal to ensure delivery in a timely manner, the grant is to be capped at £94,500. This was approved in principle at a meeting led by the Chief Executive’ , ⬅️ Tony Parkinson

2 - ‘ seek approval for a business development grant of £94,500 to Cool Runnings to support development proposals ‘

3- ‘Grant can only be utilised on any aspect that assists or accelerates the development’

It seems that Cool Runnings have NOT kept their side of the bargain on this neither so will Middlesbrough Council be claiming that money back from Cool Runnings ?

Official records goes onto to say

‘Cool Runnings will invest significant funds £30,000,000 to develop the scheme’

If Cool Runnings needed £94,5000 grant aid where is the £30,000,000 coming from ?

Who are Middlesbrough Council and Rachel Howson trying to kid ?

Finally - why do Middlesbrough Council need to do any business with Cool Runnings, Sub Zero Middlehaven Limited or Rachel Howson?

Why aren’t they dealing direct with a Snow Centre operator?

It does raise the question, what is so special about Rachel Howson and her newly formed companies ?

This project now requires an URGENT investigation 👮‍♂️

And should the tax payers of Middlesbrough be funding companies to this extent?

Please like and share and let us know your thoughts.
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Taxijoe Posted on 17/03/2019 20:24

The Snow Centre

LOL That facebook page is ran by a mad bully councillor with the help of a very large local taxi company, it's full of mad conspiracies.

This is no different, full of conjecture with not a shred of evidence, only mad people and theorists would believe a single word of it.
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myfooty Posted on 17/03/2019 21:41

The Snow Centre

Look at companies house website.

HUDSON QUAY TRADING COMPANY LIMITED company number 08306168 company Status Liquidation

BHQ LIMITED company number 09488008 company Status Liquidation
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