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the_holgate_roof Posted on 14/03/2019 21:49
2nd peoples vote
if they had a second vote now, what do you think the outcome would be???
Remain - as more people cannot be bothered with the chew of Brexit and the hardline EU approach and the lack of a decent deal
Leave - as the EU have really peed people off and people would not want anything to do with them
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Jonny_Rondos_Disco_pants Posted on 14/03/2019 21:50

2nd peoples vote

I think leave might win again just as a bigger protest
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lufbra_boro Posted on 14/03/2019 21:57

2nd peoples vote

It would have to be a binary choice of either:

No Deal or Remain
May's Deal or Remain
No Deal or May's Deal

I doubt it would approved to have three options with two of the options being leave options - this would split the vote and open the door for Remain vote. There would also be legal challenge after legal challenge if there was a vote.

That said -I think the outcome would be to remain.
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swordtrombonefish Posted on 14/03/2019 22:02

2nd peoples vote

Not that it will happen but I think remain would win it.
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Borocelt Posted on 14/03/2019 22:06

2nd peoples vote

I think remain probably would squeak it narrowly. But I think that is problematic in itself as well.

Soft Brexit compromise please, so we can all get on with other things.
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Indeedido Posted on 14/03/2019 22:24

2nd peoples vote

I think the majority of leavers were most keen to break the political union and further drift, rather than a huge economic break.
That is still very much a possibility - even a probability.
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BoroBen92 Posted on 14/03/2019 22:31

2nd peoples vote

I'd hope for a sizeable remain majority, but I expect it would be a leave victory again.
All the youth whose future is supposedly being stolen will probably still not turn out in great numbers, I'm the only one of my mates who actually voted last time and I imagine it'll be similarly poor for 18-24 year olds.
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Betamaxman Posted on 14/03/2019 22:38
Edited On: 14/03/2019 22:40
2nd peoples vote

I was very much in favour of remaining last time. However, I'm uncomfortable with the way the whole thing is being manipulated in Parliament. Brexit has become a farce.

If there was a 2nd referendum I could absolutely see Leave winning again as a protest.

I think what Borocelt says above is the best option now: "Soft Brexit compromise please, so we can all get on with other things".
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BandH Posted on 14/03/2019 22:45

2nd peoples vote

If there was a second vote and leave won again, a faction of remainers still wouldn't accept that result and would bring up any falsehoods uttered(which are part and parcel of all politicians vocabularies) to demand a third vote, and so on.

No deal brexit would be my preferred result but I have always thought we would never be allowed to leave and see nothing that changes that opinion.
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Wev1 Posted on 14/03/2019 23:13

2nd peoples vote

Well considering 75% of over 65's want out and 75% of 18-24's want in then every day it swings more to remain, in general. Pretty much every poll backs this up, and the margin gets wider and wider.

Lots of polls saying leave voters are switching to don't know/ don't care, but most remainers still want to remain.

If we finally do get around to leaving then it will be short lived, as we will just end up rejoining in a another 10-20 years. But then we will have to accept the Euro and we won't have our current veto powers.
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TheFair86 Posted on 14/03/2019 23:16

2nd peoples vote

There’s a list of polls done since Brexit on wiki, it’s faulirky telling.
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TeessideTinpot Posted on 15/03/2019 07:15

2nd peoples vote

This thing about young people overwhelmingly being remain isn’t true, especially in the north east. I’d say most young people here would vote leave
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bear66 Posted on 15/03/2019 07:37

2nd peoples vote

Stats in link below. About 45% wanted to leave in North East in 18-39 age group.

Link: Link
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xxlshirts_fit_all Posted on 15/03/2019 08:02

2nd peoples vote

Remain or leave without a deal...

Sorted once and for all...
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TheFair86 Posted on 15/03/2019 08:12
Edited On: 15/03/2019 08:14
2nd peoples vote

Love that comment tinpot, you attempt to discredit a fact and say ‘I’d say...’ so pure conjecture? Voting stats are fairly well known.

As for current sentiment use the link below and click on the section ‘post referendum polling’ and review the polls data for 1) were we right / wrong to leave and 2) how would you vote today?

I’m sure all the same complaints about sample sizes and polls getting it wrong will come out but surely not every single poll for ages can be wrong? Public sentiment seemed to be with leave until July 2017 after which there’s about 4 polls total that have shown a skew towards it being the right decision out of dozens undertaken

Link: Post referendum polls
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Small_town Posted on 15/03/2019 08:45

2nd peoples vote

I wouldn’t like to see the same vote again, as said above I’d like to see a leave with May’s deal, or remain. However that gives us few options and ignores the dreaded “no deal” option.
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Wev1 Posted on 15/03/2019 11:21

2nd peoples vote

"This thing about young people overwhelmingly being remain isn’t true, especially in the north east. I’d say most young people here would vote leave"

But it is true though isn't it, there's been about 1000 polls on it and the remain vote had to be made up of some age groups. Everyone knows old folk want out, so it's balanced the other way with young folk.

Even though this is a leave area, it's still not enough to overcome the age bias. One of the main reasons this is a leave area is because of UK neglect, so loads pretty much went against the south/ london as some sort of dirty protest to try and hurt them, not realising it will just hurt us up here more (as has been proven).

Up here is irrelevant though, over the whole UK 75% of 18-24's want to remain. Then the older you get the more likely you are to swing over to leave, the tipping point being 44/45.

Older people are generally more likely to still think we're some sort of elite country, as we once were compared to the rest. They have spent less of their life with easy and cheap travel and nowhere near as much integration with the rest of the world, like with the internet and social media etc.

Fact is the rest of the world will and has caught up, we're no better than everyone else. The younger people are more likely to see it as a level playing-field and everyone being the same, no matter what, and are a lot more inclusive than exclusive.

Us trying to go backwards, and isolate ourselves, when the rest of the world is going forwards is lunacy, even more so when we don't have any natural resources that the rest of the world needs.

Link: truth
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mikeyyyy Posted on 15/03/2019 12:39

2nd peoples vote

It should be a non-binary scoring referendum.

No deal
Mays Deal
Customs union.

Scoring :

1 - preferred choice.
4 - least preferred choice.

Once the tallys have been done,

The option with the least points wins.
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