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InglebySmog Posted on 10/01/2019 11:21
Edited On: 10/01/2019 11:21Disneyworld Florida Recommendations
Following the recent theme of holiday recommendations, does anyone have any tips for booking a Summer holiday in Florida?

I've looked at the package deals with the major holidaymakers so far, and going to check the prices for booking flights, hotels etc. separately.

Does anyone have any hotel recommendations or opinions on whether it's worth booking a package holiday or getting things separately?

Looking for 2 adults and ideally a budget of approx. £1500 each for hotel and flights for 10/11 nights.
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Dan_Ashcroft Posted on 10/01/2019 11:29

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

Don't miss the two Universal Studios theme parks and go over budget if necessary to get a day in each.
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Boro_Boro_Boro Posted on 10/01/2019 11:33

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

Went through Virgin package last year... if you book now you will get a bargain as they usually include car hire etc.

go for a villa or the Disney hotels... you wont regret.

If you want any more info ( I have tonnes I can tell you) let me know and will send you an email.
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T1ffy Posted on 10/01/2019 11:33

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

What month? and are you planning on going in the school holidays or term time as that will impact your budget massively.
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grudgematch Posted on 10/01/2019 11:39

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

Are you bothered about a really nice hotel or just looking for a base? I’ve stayed in fantastic hotels all around the world but in Florida we go basic as you hardly spend any time in the room, have a look at Rosen Inn Pointe Orlando, cracking hotel with a brilliant location. I reckon you could get 10/11 nights for around the £1000 pp mark with Tui, that is economy mind. I’ve flown with both Virgin and Tui and Tui are definitely superior in economy, Virgin better if going premium.
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myfooty Posted on 10/01/2019 11:40

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

If it's just two of you you are planning on only doing Disney I would look to stay in Disney. No need for hire car because Disney have a huge free transport network. You get extra park hours.
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Ticker_Tape Posted on 10/01/2019 11:54

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

Might get in Disney All Stars for £2600, no food or tickets add another 2k.

You might get a paving slab to kip on for 3k[:D]
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atypical_boro Posted on 10/01/2019 11:56
Edited On: 10/01/2019 12:00
Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

Whats generally the cheapest/lowest standard Disney hotel to stay in? We fancy doing it later this year as I have some airmiles to use but fancy doing it without a car but don't want to spend stupid amounts on a hotel.
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Brewtal Posted on 10/01/2019 12:01
Edited On: 10/01/2019 12:02
Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

We've been going for the last 10 years or so. TUI are good but they fly into Sanford which is a longer drive than from MCO that Virgin use. Virgin have a sale on at the moment and we just booked our trip end of April with them through Expedia. Cost about 2300 for 3 adults, economy seats and hotel (just off International drive)for 14 nights.

We haven't got car yet but usually book with Alamo brits or discountfloridacarhire. You can also cancel car booking any time if you find a better deal as prices change all the time.

If you want theme park tickets we use Attraction tickets direct or Floridatix, it does work out cheaper buying them before you go.

If you want any more info I can help or visit the Dibb forum they are great source of info for brits going to Florida.

Link: Dibb
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coluka Posted on 10/01/2019 12:03

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

Personally, I would avoid hurricane season, best months are November through to May after which you start to risk the possibility of bad weather and higher rainfall. August is not a good month to go imho
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Greenandblack Posted on 10/01/2019 12:04

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

Go to Disneyland in Anaheim instead. Better weather, more stuff to do outside of Disney and you'll save a lot by staying outside of Disneyland on Harbor Blvd.

You do need a car in LA though.
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atypical_boro Posted on 10/01/2019 12:05

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

Yeah I've been in August as a teenager and it was sweltering. You can't walk on the ground in the waterparks as its too hot.
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myfooty Posted on 10/01/2019 12:13
Edited On: 10/01/2019 12:58
Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

If you plan to go to Orlando's theme parks this web site is very useful and very good forums with lots people willing to help you with questions you might have. It will give you information to help you plan holiday. To get the best out of your time it is a holiday you need to plan.

The queues at Disney are crazy, you need to use "my disney experience" app to book Fast Passes for Rides, Shows and Meals to help limit your time spent queues. The old paper ticket fastpass sytem in parks stop back in 2015 and was replaced by FastPass+ allows guests to reserve and plan a visit to a Disney Park in advance for select FastPass+ attractions, Character Greetings, entertainment, and viewing areas for parades and fireworks. The new system allows guests to make reservations up to 60 days in advance, and change at any time. FastPass+ is a reservation and scheduling system, unlike the old paper FASTPASS system, which was a virtual queuing concept. Additionally, guests are encouraged to reserve FastPass+ sections with their group and are allowed to change the group's FastPass+ reservation. Currently guests staying at an onsite Disney resort can make reservations up to 60 days in advance while all other guests can schedule reservations up to 30 days in advance, assuming tickets are linked to their account. Reservations for meals can be booked up to 180 days in advance.

Link: https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/index.php
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tripleheader Posted on 10/01/2019 12:14
Edited On: 10/01/2019 12:17
Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

When we went, we booked flights with car hire through Flight Searchers. The accomodation was a basic motel in Kissimmee a short drive away from the main attractions. Pre-purchase your tickets for the theme parks,it's cheaper. Suggest you hit the parks in the morning and late afternoon, book water park tickets and chill out for the afternoon you don't hit the shops.
We had two weeks in the parks and booked a week on the GUlf COAST, St Petes Beach as a wind down before coming home. Best decision we ever made. Enjoy UTB
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myfooty Posted on 10/01/2019 12:18

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

I would say the best time go to Orlando for the weather at theme parks is April to May & Late September to Mid November.

Try to avoid USA holidays.
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Had_a_Euell Posted on 10/01/2019 12:20

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

Base your holiday on Universal being far superior to Disney for people over the age of around 10 years old.

Disney is pretty to look at, but Universal is where the fun is.

My daughter who is 9 much prefers the 2 Universal parks and volcano bay waterpark above anything Disney has to offer.

We always get the ultimate tickets and stay in a villa offsite, but spend more time at Universal than Disney.
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red_harrington Posted on 10/01/2019 12:24

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

Disney is a money pit and they are experts at rinsing your wallet squeaky clean

Consider Busch Gardens or any of many, many other attractions
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Small_town Posted on 10/01/2019 12:24

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

If you can wait until tomorrow I'll ask my missus for the lowdown. She worked for Disney for years and knows the place inside out.
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myfooty Posted on 10/01/2019 12:27

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

There are some great youtube vloggers that focus on Theme Parks, Hotels, restaurants and bars etc. in Orlando area.

Tim Tracker is very active and very good.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheTimTracker
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Dan_Ashcroft Posted on 10/01/2019 12:55

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

The downside of staying at Disney is that you may miss out on the Florida experience itself. You should get a hire car and visit the Kennedy Space Center.
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atypical_boro Posted on 10/01/2019 12:57

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

Indeed Dan, but I've seen it all before, just considering a proper 'Disney-only' trip for the littlun with these air miles I have to use.
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Dan_Ashcroft Posted on 10/01/2019 13:02
Edited On: 10/01/2019 13:04
Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

It does sound excellent, atypical. When the monorail passes by the hotels I've always loved the idea of staying at one.

My suggestion was for InglebySmog with them being older. However, having re-read the thread quickly, I see that you were the only one asking about them!
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atypical_boro Posted on 10/01/2019 13:03

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

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Pogatetz_Ate_My_Hamster_ Posted on 10/01/2019 13:11
Edited On: 10/01/2019 18:48
Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

Been a number of times to Florida and Disney.

What I would say from the offset is decide what it is you want to do, because it isn’t a relaxing holiday. You can walk at least 10 miles a day around the parks in intense heat. Once you take off the days for travelling you only realistically have 12 days to get everything in. Time and time again I see people spending a fortune on Disney, Universal, Sea World, Bush Gardens, etc. and they just don’t get value for money as they simply do not have time to get it all done.

Disney has 4 parks and 2 water parks, you could spend seven days easily in Disney and not see everything. 2 week tickets for Disney will cost you £750 for both of you, if you decide to go to Universal that’s another £600. Personally I would pick one or the other and fill your other days with other things Florida has to offer.

I would look into flying into Orlando Sanford, earliest flight possible. When we went this year we got the earlier flight into Orlando Sanford and loved it. It’s further to travel than if you land at Orlando International, but immigration was so much quicker and easier to get through. The earlier flight meant we could get to our accommodation earlier, get unpacked and then go and have a meal and get an evening in one of the parks as oppose to getting there in the evening, unpacking and going to bed.

Accommodation wise it depends what you want to do. If you want to just do Disney and not bothered about going around Florida book then stay on Disney property and you can get the Disney Express from the airport and get Disney transportation between the parks. Personally I would rather stay off-site and hire a car, you don’t need to stay anywhere too fancy you’ll spend hardly any time in it.

We have always done flights, villa, and accommodation separately.

Check out the link below for the best time crowd wise to go, there’s never a quiet time to go but there are quieter times to go and some good rules to follow (e.g. don’t go to a water park on a weekend as the locals will be going as well as the tourists). We’ve been to a water park on a Monday where we’ve been able to literally walk up to any slide and have 2-3 people infront where as the previous 2 days people have told us it’s been an hour and a half wait.

Planning is the most important thing to maximise your time and get the most out of your holiday.

Link: Busy day guide
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myfooty Posted on 10/01/2019 13:47
Edited On: 10/01/2019 14:04
Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

I find Disney Parks are over crowded and the long queues make the parks less enjoyable.

I find other attractions offer better value for money and are more enjoyable.

2019 standard Ticket prices.

Disney World; 14-Day Ultimate Ticket.(car parking starts from $25 Per day)
Unlimited access to all 6 Disney theme parks - Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park* and Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park* for 14 consecutive days
ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex
Use of Disney's Oak Trail Golf Course
One round of mini golf each day of your 14-day Ultimate Ticket at either Disney's Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf Course or Disney’s Winter Summerland Mini Golf Course
Unlimited use of the Disney transportation system.
Cost; £375 Adult(10+), £355 Child (3-9), Free Infant 0-2yrs.

Universal Parks; Universal Orlando™ 3 Park Explorer Ticket. (car parking starts from $25 Per day)
Unlimited park-to-park admission to Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure and the all NEW Volcano Bay™ Water Theme Park for up to 14 consecutive days from first use.
Cost; £279 Adult(10+) £272 Child (3-9), Free Infant 0-2yrs.

SeaWorld Parks: Discovery Cove Ultimate Package with Free Parking. Reserved 30-minute dolphin swim included with Ultimate Dolphin Swim Tickets
Full day experience at Discovery Cove with unlimited access throughout the day to the Serenity Bay, Wind-away River, Explorers Aviary and The Grand Reef.
A continental breakfast, lunch, plus all drinks and snacks throughout the day
Towel and locker use
14 consecutive day’s unlimited admission to SeaWorld, Busch Gardens and Aquatica
Special Offer - Book a Discovery Cove Ultimate ticket and enjoy unlimited FREE parking at SeaWorld, Aquatica and Busch Gardens
Ultimate Dolphin Swim Ticket from £192
Ultimate Non-Dolphin Swim Ticket from £153
Infant 0-2yrs Free

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex; Kennedy Space Center Admission.(car parking starts from $10 Per day)
Admission to all the major attractions at Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex
Enjoy the KSC Bus tour with the Saturn V Centre, IMAX 3D cinema, the Rocket Garden, the Shuttle Launch Experience, Space Shuttle Atlantis and more.
Cost; Adult 12yrs+ from £36, Child 3-11yrs from £29, Infant 0-2yrs free.

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thebugle Posted on 10/01/2019 13:55

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

Having been to disney 7 times now, we have stayed both on and off site, and for us, staying in one of the Disney Hotels is a must.

The transportation to and from the parks is first rate, we just got a taxi to and from Universal and to the shopping Mall's on the days we wanted to go to them.

The customer service in the Disney hotels is fantastic, and if you are taking a youngster, the added magic of being immersed in Disney will be well worth it.
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InglebySmog Posted on 10/01/2019 14:11

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

Thanks for the detailed responses, there's a lot of good stuff that I wasn't aware of in terms of the parks themselves.

Neither of us have been before so we're taking the opportunity to have a go before we have the responsibility of kids!

I think Universal looks to be more up our street, but we'll do some days in Disney itself too.

Have people found it easier to drive over there or just book a hotel with complimentary shuttles to the parks? We're planning a road trip around the USA in 2020 so not overly bothered about seeing a lot of Florida outside of the parks.

We're having to go in July/August (which isn't ideal, I know) because of other commitments so that might make a difference to any recommendations.

Decent-ish hotel/flights packages that I've seen so far are between £2700-3000 for the both of us, staying in a Disney hotel. I'm not set on this idea though, so suggestions for any nearby hotels would be welcome.

Not sure if a villa would be worth it for 2 of us but I'll have a look at that option too.
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myfooty Posted on 10/01/2019 14:12
Edited On: 10/01/2019 14:28
Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

I have stayed on Disney in past and the transport is a great benefit of staying on site. The last couple of trips we have been in a large group so done villa's and hired a mini bus.

If I did Disney again and planned to stay in a hotel I would do split stay between a Disney World resort and Universal resort.
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InglebySmog Posted on 10/01/2019 14:13

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

Oh, and that would be great if you could give some more info tomorrow small_town.
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Nero Posted on 10/01/2019 17:13

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

We stayed at a hotel on International Drive which was about 15 mins from Universal. It had loads of shops and places to eat within walking distance and a good pool too.

It was that convenient that I handed back the hire car after one week.
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TheTiler Posted on 10/01/2019 17:55

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

We went end if Oct beginning November. Queues were really short, getting on just as quick as fast passes. Busch gardens was empty, just got off rides and back on again.

Main plus was Halloween. Absolutely brilliant. Would go again just for that.

As an adult, thought Disney World was rubbish.
Epcot good, Animal.Kingdon ok.
Spent all our time at Universal park. Kids were 14 and 17 and they loved it. Only time theyve not had a fight with each other whilst on holiday [:D]
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BigUnit Posted on 10/01/2019 18:19

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

I have found car hire very expensive this year.
Anyone got any recommendation from Orlando International Airport please ?
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Brewtal Posted on 10/01/2019 18:21
Edited On: 10/01/2019 18:24
Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

Loved Halloween in Universal too, never been so scared in my life in the houses they set up.
If you have to go in July/August I would recommend later in August as that is when their schools go back after summer.

Big Unit, car hire prices do see crazy this year, discountfloridacarhire are coming up cheapest for us so far, but Alamo brits prices for our 2 weeks have halved in last day or so as well.
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Pogatetz_Ate_My_Hamster_ Posted on 10/01/2019 19:03

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

“I think Universal looks to be more up our street, but we'll do some days in Disney itself too.”

The problem you’ll have is that they both sell their tickets in 7, 14 and 21 days blocks, designed to make you dedicate your holiday to one of them and spend all your cash in one of them.

You can’t buy single day tickets from the UK for either, you’d need to queue up and buy on the day which is around £90 per person per day. Depends on your budget, that might not be an issue for you.

Used to be able to buy much cheaper Universal 2 or 3 day tickets but since they’ve built Volcano Bay they’ve changed their pricing structure to effectively match Disney’s.

We’ve done Disney with or without kids and love it either way but it just depends what you and the other half want, Universal definitely has the more white knuckle rides, though Disney just has that “magic”’for me (cliche I know).

If you stay at Universal you’ve got any hotel on International Drive as an option. Plenty of bars, restaurants, on there you won’t have to drive anywhere. If you don’t hire a car you can still get out and about pretty cheaply using Uber.
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myfooty Posted on 10/01/2019 21:31
Edited On: 10/01/2019 22:11
Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

We went Halloween Horror Nights on the last weekend. You couldn't move in the place, so because of this it wasn't as enjoyable as it should have been. I think we got in 3 of the 10 houses. (that is all I can remember doing). We got in there for 19:40 and left at about 01:00.

When we got in the park the queues for the houses at front of the park where showing wait times 90 minutes. So we headed to the back of park queue showing 20 minutes.

Blumhouse; queued 30 minute. 5 minutes walk-through house.

Front park now showing showing short wait times and better houses.

So we headed there. It showed wait times as as 40 minutes.
Poltergeist; queued for 2 and half hours. 10 minutes walk through house.(The most scared I seen people look all night was when I lost it in queue when big groups of mid 20s locals thought they could walk through the queue. It stopped when they got to me)[:(!]

Had some food looked at wait times. Other big houses at front park now showing wait times of 2 to 4 hours.

So we headed back to far side of the park and done Seeds of Extinction. queued 90 minute. 5 minutes walk-through house.

In between we did the scare zones but never done any of the rides.

Link: youtu.be/lfjqCszfkQQ
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hopesoboro Posted on 10/01/2019 21:36

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

Each to their own but for the life of me why would 2 adults want to go to Disneyland!?!
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myfooty Posted on 10/01/2019 22:02

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

Car hire prices are always up and down. Last year we paid about £800 for a 15 seater with Alamo gold cover. When first booked it was about £1050 but we rebooked it when we seen it at the lower price.

I have just looked and for 14 days the same time year but this year it is £742. 26th October to 9th November. But I think we roadside assidtance plus cover and personal Accident insurance / personal effects coverage included in last years price.
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T1ffy Posted on 11/01/2019 06:19

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

If you're going to Disneyworld you've got to go to both MK & Universal. They both have loads to offer and you wouldn't want to miss out. If you're not lazy you can see everything you want to see from the parks and get your monies worth.

I wouldn't try and do it on the cheap though. It's a money making machine i know, but you get what you pay for and them memories will last for ever. Especially for kids.
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InglebySmog Posted on 11/01/2019 09:21

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

Nero - International Drive looks like a good shout, I've seen it mentioned a few times on Disney forums now so thanks for that. After looking into it a bit more, it seems that Universal is more what we're looking for.

P_A_M_H - Thanks for the heads up, I haven't actually looked at the park tickets yet so wasn't aware of that. Budget isn't really a big issue for us, we're just trying to get the flights and hotel as cheaply as possible so that I don't feel as annoyed when I'm spending money in the parks [:D]

Hopeso - For us personally, it's a mixture of both the rides on offer and the fact that neither of us have ever been and we've both wanted to go since being children. We're both early 20's now so it seems like a good time to go before we have any kids to worry about. As you say, each to their own.
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BigUnit Posted on 11/01/2019 09:22

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

Thanks for that lads
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grudgematch Posted on 11/01/2019 11:19

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

I've been twice as a couple, both early 20's and had a fantastic time. I would recommend staying on International Drive, we stayed at the Rosen Inn At Pointe Orlando, which is a cracking hotel, loads of places to eat and drink within walking distance, free shuttles to Universal and you can use Ubers to get further afield if you are not hiring a car.
You can hire a car from the Hyatt Regency down the road if you wanted to pick one up for a part of the trip, first time we went we had a car for 5 days, second time we had it for the duration but realistically you drive your car to the theme parks, pay $20 to park and then drive back. Makes more sense to take advantage of the free shuttles or an Uber unless you are planning to do a bit more exploring and go further afield.
I would definitely recommend the Kennedy Space Centre.

Have fun planning your trip [^]
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Ticker_Tape Posted on 11/01/2019 11:31

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

Being going with he family for the last 20 years from WDW resorts to 7 bed Villas. If you are only going for 10 days only 2 of you Id stay in Disney All Star Movies.

The Transport system and amenities are way superior to anything else you could do, Night time extra hours and early mornings extra hours and there are to many extras to mention.

More expensive but well worth it.

If you go during the summer its just way to hot and humid, April,May, or Oct, Nov are best time especially the latter is spot on.

My daughter worked there during her May to Oct break from university.

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maggot Posted on 11/01/2019 11:46

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

Another shout for staying on Disney, we have always stayed in the all star sports, and we always go early October because it is not to hot but really warm, also the added attraction is the Halloween nights plus Epcot do the wine and food festival which is fantastic and on an evening there is eat to the beat which is live music and the acts are really decent, we have seen survivor, sugar ray, starship and billy ocean but to name a few and it’s all in the admission price .
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Ticker_Tape Posted on 11/01/2019 11:53

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

Stopped in All Star Sports 4 times, Movies and Port Orleans Riverside.[:D]
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thewatchman93 Posted on 11/01/2019 18:10

Disneyworld Florida Recommendations

For what it’s worth we went September 13th last year for two weeks and the weather was phenomenal no rain whatsoever.

With regards to booking it yourself or package holiday it’s completely up to you and what you feel comfortable doing, if you pay for flights at a price you feel reasonable don’t beat yourself up if they come down in price closer to the time.

If you’re on Facebook I recommend joining a group called it’s orlando time, lots of advice, tips and tricks on there for you!

Most importantly have a wonderful time when your there! It really is a magical place!
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