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joseph99 Posted on 06/12/2018 13:02
Calf pulls and strains when running
Have put the bike in the garage and thought I'd go for a gentle run.

Did about a mile and I felt a twinge in my lower calf which became steadily more ominous. I've a history of popping ligaments/muscles my soleus which is agonising and debilitating, heavy limp for 2 weeks. It was the same problem.

Any advice. I'm 50 and I know it's age related.
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scally Posted on 06/12/2018 13:16

Calf pulls and strains when running

Im just a bit older than you and have similar problems. Of course its age related.

If like me you have ran all your life youre probably (like me) trying to run like you did when you were 20.

You have to slow down considerably or stick to walking.

If you want to run seriously I think you need to consult a physio or someone qualified,

PS. I know how frustrating it is.
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BlindBoyGrunt1 Posted on 06/12/2018 13:30

Calf pulls and strains when running

I'm 61. I know very little about running but last spring I started the couch to 5k. I had a pair of Puma training shoes with a very thin sole which I used only for the gym, so thinking they were not springy enough for my old knees I went out and bought a much springier pair.

The couch to 5k went fine but then, when I was running that distance a couple of times a week i got the pain that you seem to be describing, between my heel and the bulbous part of my calf. I laid off running for a couple of weeks but when i returned, so did the pain.

I experimented by swapping my trainers around and using the thin ones for running and this seemed to cure the problem. Do you think you may need another pair of running shoes?
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Simmo7484 Posted on 06/12/2018 22:15
Edited On: 06/12/2018 22:16
Calf pulls and strains when running

I have been having calf problems when running for a couple of years now. Physio said its achilles tendonitis could possibly be that. Would recommend a physio appointment before doing your own experimenting so you dont further aggravate any issues.
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GazC_MFC Posted on 06/12/2018 22:18

Calf pulls and strains when running

Blindboy, a thin so gives you a gait which is closer to being barefoot, allowing the foot to work as itís designed to. Iíd recommend the book born to run, really interesting read
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WoodallServices Posted on 06/12/2018 22:48

Calf pulls and strains when running

With you on that one Scally. It's all starting to come together now I'm striding like a 55 year old and not a 14 year old. Went for a run the other day and my left calf went. Got a massage that afternoon (god it was painfull) but was able to go for a run the next day. Calf was stiff but I think it was because it had been kneaded to within an inch of it's life. Recommended.
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Uncle_Marbles Posted on 06/12/2018 23:36

Calf pulls and strains when running

Drink lots of water prior to running, and lots after. You can thank me later [^]
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WoodallServices Posted on 06/12/2018 23:39

Calf pulls and strains when running

And stretching, vital.
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tryasize10 Posted on 07/12/2018 07:41

Calf pulls and strains when running

Recommended the following:

1 go see a physio.

2 go and get checked at a specialist running shop for pronation / over pronation. They will recommend a pair of trainers designed to balance what they find.

3 calf stretches

4 go get a foam roller. Cost about 15 quid. Painful to use but a great bit of kit for massaging out those lower leg

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boksic Posted on 07/12/2018 09:11

Calf pulls and strains when running

I'm not giving this one up:

"2 go and get checked at a specialist running shop for pronation / over pronation. They will recommend a pair of trainers designed to balance what they find."

The psuedoscience behind that has been long since debunked. This idea of trainer fitting based around gait analysis is NOT protective of injury and may actually make things worse.

After a meta analysis researchers found that one simple question is predictive of running injury - "do you find your running shoes comfortable or not?"

Run in what feels good on your feet.

Stretching - yes but look at dynamic stretching rather than static stretches, plenty of vids on youtube on this.

The other massive predictor of running injury is simply overtraining - trying to go too far, too fast, too soon.

As a new or "returning" runner don't try to add mileage each week, stick at a distance you are comfortable with for 3 to 4 weeks and try to run 2 to 3 times a week if you can.

Once you are good with that then some say ad no more than 10% to your mileage each week. It's not an golden rule or an absolute but it is a useful guide. You certainly shouldn't be added big leaps in mileage at first.
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Small_town Posted on 07/12/2018 10:11

Calf pulls and strains when running

I would caution against getting too springy a pair of shoes. That will make you feel like you can hit the ground harder and long term be detrimental to your knees.

Stretch is the main advice I can give. Dynamic stretching before you start (walking lunges, heel flicks frog squats are my routine) Make sure you're completely warmed up, do not underestimate the importance of this.

Whilst running also try and run "light" hitting the ground as gently as possible. It'll seem painfully slow at first doing it this way but trust me it's much better for avoiding injury.

Warm down with static stretches, just pulling out the various leg muscles.

Stay hydrated.
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