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block_4_Eastender Posted on 10/08/2018 18:44
The state of modern journalism.
ITN just reported on the tribute paid by the parents of the little girl that died in the rock fall on the SOUTH Yorkshire beach of Staithes.
South Yorkshire doesn't even have a coast. Modern journalism just gets worse and worse.
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Freddy_Adu Posted on 10/08/2018 18:54

The state of modern journalism.
Tragic story about a poor little girl, and you complain about geography?[|)]
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block_4_Eastender Posted on 10/08/2018 19:02

The state of modern journalism.
I didn't say it wasn't tragic.

Yet you seem to think that because it is, it's an excuse to not criticise the reporting of it.

Generally I think it's terrible that the media feel the need to hang around the town filming the scene of this tragic event at all.

My point is about journalism the story could have been about anything.
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