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RiochRevival Posted on 10/08/2018 15:25
Away Fans Section – Newcastle
I am certain that back in 2016 the Premier League agreed a new rule for the 2017/18 season that stated the away fans section must be pitch side and Newcastle asked for time for them to make this change and will introduce it in 2018/19. Just wondering if they have now moved their away section OR is it still in the gods?
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LowKey Posted on 10/08/2018 15:27

Away Fans Section – Newcastle

still in the gods due to the police and safety committee saying it was not safe to split away fans and they couldn't reconfigure the stadium. or some XXXXXX like that
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RiochRevival Posted on 10/08/2018 15:28

Away Fans Section – Newcastle

ah typical!

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boringblock_21 Posted on 10/08/2018 16:28

Away Fans Section – Newcastle

This was published in March, detailing why Newcastle have been allowed to keep fans in the gods indefinitely.

I think it’s XXXXXX.

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PRIORYMAN Posted on 10/08/2018 17:30
Edited On: 10/08/2018 17:42
Away Fans Section – Newcastle

Newcastle have consistently and successfully avoided giving away fans a fair deal at St James Park. This has gone on for well over 20 years.

19 out of 20 Premier League clubs conform to the new rules and Newcastle stand alone in not doing so.

Newcastle commission experts to undertake a review and report back findings. I wonder what their brief was? LOL! They come back and recommend to leave the arrangements as they are.

A modern stadium holding 52,000 fans and they somehow avoid the regulation. On that basis is the stadium fit to host Premier League matches?

I recall when the stadium was last re-developed and they restricted away fans to a few hundred tickets. They got away with it then and they are still getting away with it now.

14 flights of stairs to get up to the away section, the worst view in the English Football League. Newcastle couldn't care less and continue to have a total disregard for away supporters.

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borobuddah Posted on 10/08/2018 20:48

Away Fans Section – Newcastle

They admit their fans are animals and can’t be contained.

Premier league say ‘fine’

How warped is that?
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