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sheriff_john_bunnell Posted on 13/06/2018 19:00
Ive thought about it and i prefer blatter. My reasoning is sound and is below.

Infantino pushed the world cup up to 48 teams. International football is often dull as one team, vastly outclassed, simply defends the whole game. The last euros was abysmal for this reason. We dont need loads of XXXXXXty teams clogging up the world cup.

Im blaming him for overexpanding the euros too

He didnt take the world cup away from qatar. Homosexuality is illegal in qatar. Loads of workers are dying. Give the XXXXXX thing to australia.

Mexico get their third world cup. US their second.

Euro 2020 is taking place in loads of different countrys.

He looks like an egg.

He is introducing VAR to the beautiful game.

Blatter? So what if he was a little corrupt.n We had a few decent world cups under his watch. The first in asia and africa. And he had that great idea about womens football, which lets face it would increase the crowds.

I've always loved the world cup, whether england are in it or not. He's spoiling them.
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deganya Posted on 13/06/2018 19:03


Understand your reasoning but I'm sure we can do better than Blatter and his ilk.
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istanbul Posted on 13/06/2018 19:05


I was sceptical about a 48-team WC but the format seems okay and it will provide a lot of nations who are just missing out the opportunity to play on the big stage. I'll reserve a firm judgement though until 2026.
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