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jonnyrye Posted on 12/06/2018 10:42
South Africa - Self drive
After some travel advice for South Africa. Thinking of going in September for my honeymoon. Found return flights to Johannesburg for a reasonable price. Main plan is to drive to Cape Town over 3 weeks. Gunna head to Kruger first for a few days then to Durban then along the garden route to Cape Town. Iíve got a few things I wanna do/see along the way but Iím after is any recommendation that you lot would suggest or possible places to stop over as Iím aware itís a lengthy drive 👍🏼
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Indeedido Posted on 12/06/2018 12:53

South Africa - Self drive

You are trying to do a lot in a fairly short time.
3 weeks sounds a lot, but to drive it you will need to be driving hard for at least 8 of your days.
I think you need to plan carefully.
You are also going to get different climates - The Garden route is almost chilly in what is very early spring.
Good time to see game in Kruger, not so good for the rest of your itinerary.

Get out of Joburg quickly whatever.

I enjoyed the Dolphin Coast a little north of Durban, much more than Durbs itself. Nice coast line, beaches.
It will be warm rather than hot in september.
Probs worth visiting the Zulu battlefields not too far from Durban.
Avoid staying in East London or Port Elizabeth - nothing to really enjoy.
I couldn't recommend enough a Game park called Shamwari near PE. It is much smaller than Kruger, but is just great. It is expensive but worth it.

I like Nature's Valley, Plett Bay and Knysna on the east end of the garden route. Don't just race through this beautiful area.
September you can do whale watching in HermXXXXXX - be careful on your choice of accommodation here. Nice drive round from here to False Bay and on to capetown.
Allow some good time in Western Cape, despite not great weather.
Great drive down to the Cape from capetown; visit the winelands, Stellenbosch and the lovely Franshoek. Go up Table Mountain, enjoy Camps Bay, Cage diving in False Bay,V&A etc etc.

In short it is a hell of a lot of driving.
I like Western Cape, the Garden Route and I like the northern Natal coast. I just wouldn't do them all together and with Kruger. September might be the only time to try it, I just wouldn't do it all together.
Pack some sweaters/jackets for down south rather more than swimsuits.

Don't run out of fuel!
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1finny Posted on 12/06/2018 12:56

South Africa - Self drive

Great advice above
Just stating the obvious when driving - stick to the main routes there are a few examples of people going Ďoff pisteí and regretting it.
There are idiots everywhere

Beautiful part of the world tho
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youaremyturkishdelight Posted on 12/06/2018 14:56

South Africa - Self drive

Did CT to PE in March.

If you already have a spell in Kruger then more wildlife parks may be bottom of the radar but I had a few great days North of PE in Schotia private reserve and the Addo Elephant park. Schotia I stayed over in a luxury tented spot in the middle of the reserve with the lions and rhinos literally just outside our tent protected by little more than dense vegetation and a walkie talkie to 24hr rescue. Its small but I saw lions rhino giraffe elephants hippo etc.

The following day I went into Addo elephant park which you can self drive and that was incredible. Could spend a full day driving through that. At one point came up to a watering hole with about 100 elephants, sat for over an hour with families of elephants brushing past the car.

Stopped in knysna for a few days and from there can visit several places along the coast.

Recommend a half day walk around the Robberg national park near Plett. Take a picnic.

Wine region is sensational. Plenty of places to pop into and try their offerings. If you fancy a superb lunch then I can highly recommend La Motte. They also do an excellent tasting adjacent to the restaurant. One of the best meals I have had.#

Stellenbosch was lovely for a visit but expensive.

Around CT the national park is incredible. Drive Chapmans peak on a sunset. Spend a day in the tip of the cape.

At end of holiday I stayed in Camps bay which was a more relaxed spot and felt very safe (i think owners of bars and restaurants pay for private security). From their I massively recommend walking up lions head with a couple of beers in tow. Its a tricky climb and not good for vertigo sufferers but incredible views of table mountain and the entire city and coast line at the top. I managed to do it late evening but get back down before darkness. Allow 3 hours.

I would consider flying to JBG. Fly from JBG to PE and do a one way self drive down Garden Route to CPT. I got an internal flight from PE to CT for about £50.

Have a great time, it's beautiful.
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LeeTublin Posted on 12/06/2018 15:08

South Africa - Self drive

Make sure you get a car with bullet proof windows. [xx(]
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B-MAN Posted on 12/06/2018 15:55

South Africa - Self drive

I thought Cape Town was magnificent, I couldíve stayed longer than the week we had there. My one tip to anyone going is to do a shark dive off Gansbaii, unbelievable
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7_The_Informer Posted on 12/06/2018 16:23

South Africa - Self drive

I second the shark dive, up there at the top with scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef in my list of things done on holiday.
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Borotommo Posted on 12/06/2018 22:08

South Africa - Self drive

We did very much smame as you're planning but:

Flew to JNB
Drove to Kruger and back
Flew JNB to DRB stayed few days
Flew DRB to PE drove garden route, staying Knysna
Stayed full week in Cape Town with car (Did sharks in Gansbaii)
Flew home from CPT via JNB

Beautiful country and people.
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Sadgit Posted on 13/06/2018 08:32

South Africa - Self drive

we didn't drive all that far, but we stayed in Cape Town, then drove to Gansbaai and stayed 3 days. 2 days of Shark diving was amazing and the drive along the coast was beautiful. Bettys Bay was great to see all the penguins, and there wasn't another person around.

We also saw Whales close to the shore breaching at De Kelders and HermXXXXXX.
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jonnyrye Posted on 13/06/2018 21:21

South Africa - Self drive

Thanks for the in depth replies lads! but speaking to the mrs she isn't having any of the cold weather. id only search Jburg weather and it was pretty warm so expected the same in cape town! so looks likes its back to the drawing board![B)]
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Indeedido Posted on 13/06/2018 21:35

South Africa - Self drive

Very very wise for that time of year.
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