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erimus74 Posted on 15/10/2017 22:30
Edited On: 15/10/2017 22:32FAO lionhunter
Happy Birthday Mate .[^] Have A Good One .

I've just had my first piece of Birthday Cake in the Boro Colours [:D] very nice indeed [:P] ( red velvet made by PP s mam ) [^]

Sorry LH, for some reason I missed the made by PP's mam, is that Susan?

I was best man for PP's uncle way back in 95

Me & PP were together in Eindhoven & ticketless for the UEFA cup final with minutes before kick off when a good friend of my brother gave us tickets for the game [^]

Link: Very lucky
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lionhunter Posted on 16/10/2017 08:37

FAO lionhunter

[^] Yes mate it is .

I know his uncle very well a big Boro fan who's been through the mill for a few years.
Last I heard he was doing well and back at work .

He stayed in our Hotel at the play off final , I was ill and stayed in my room all night and my dad ( who didn't really know him ) went downstairs for a couple of pints and he called my Dad into his company rather than see my dad sat on his own , which was a nice touch .

Actually we nearly ended up forcing his door open to get in [:D] we where given our key before them and when we got to the room we couldn't get in and my dad was barging it a bit with his shoulder .Me being ill left it to him and didn't really listen much either when the lady gave us the key .I kept saying gave we got the right room and he kept replying yes .Then we found out by his uncle it was his room our dad had got the 6 and the 9 the wrong way round .[:D] Had of listened though he wouldn't have needed to check the key we'd have just went to the correct room .

Anyhow enough if my jackanory stories .[:D]

Hope you had a good one .[^]
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erimus74 Posted on 16/10/2017 16:13

FAO lionhunter

I know his uncle very well a big Boro fan who's been through the mill for a few years.
Last I heard he was doing well and back at work .

Brian & Dave, his younger brother, are big Boro fans, in fact the whole family are TBH, Susan too, small world mate.

Yep cracking day, hope you're faring up
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