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Monsterofbeer Posted on 21/08/2017 19:42
Edited On: 21/08/2017 19:43fao: Harry Monk re Sam Clucas
touted at 16 million.

officially better then shearer, ronaldo#1 and Batigol.

still dont get how ramirez shook him off for that header.

i hate to say we told this bunch of ingrates so....

but we dont them so.

i reckon 24 pack of fawsters each for a finders fee my mayteee.

beer me H
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Harry_Monk Posted on 21/08/2017 22:31
Edited On: 22/08/2017 13:31
fao: Harry Monk re Sam Clucas
Truly one of the most talented youngsters on the planet. Hull born n bred and a player who should be playing Premier League football.

Btw did you hear about the film that is being made about Mike Phelan entitled "Phelan"? Apparently it's even better than the film about Cloughie "The Damned United". Eastenders hardman Steve Mcfadden will play Phelan himself, Rupert Grint aka Ron Weasley will play Clucas, and Jermaine Jackson is set to take on the role of big Diomande.
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Monsterofbeer Posted on 22/08/2017 12:46

fao: Harry Monk re Sam Clucas
i just hope they dont make a bradley one which is being touted about for production in hollywood.

who would they cast as karanka? my money would be on steve buscemi.

like the cloughie one you mentioned the blood feud between karanka and bradley hit boiling point in december 2016 at the riverside when we beat them 5.1.

bradley assaulted a fan by throwing the youngsters hat on the floor and calling his disabled alcoholic father a piece of trash.

hayley joel osmand circa 1998 is interested in the role of the young boy and the alcolic disabled father will no doubt go to a method actor like emmerdales marlon as he looks to cement his hollywood status following his lead role in better call saul.

beer me H
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Harry_Monk Posted on 22/08/2017 13:28

fao: Harry Monk re Sam Clucas
Bob Bradley took to twitter yesterday to describe the film as embarrassing, and later on Phelan himself replied saying "not half as embarrassing as the time you appeared on this morning and holly called you out for wearing that wig". I wonder if they'll show that in the film? Didn't he get banned off the tele for a while afterwards? Apparently he wanted Ross Kemp to play him in the film as he said they have a similar body build, but Kemp wants to play no part in the film as he used to work as a body guard for Phelan and doesn't want to betray his old friend. Front page of the mirror this morning claiming that Shearer is considering taking on the role. What do you reckon?

Link: Shearer to play Bradley in film?
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