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TheFair86 Posted on 19/06/2017 21:47
James Wharton ignored safety concerns at Grenfell tower
Lets see how Smoggie Rainbow & his ilk spin this one. Suppose at least he is consistent, and not just ignoring his constituents.

Relevant passage: In December 2015, the all-party group wrote to Conservative MP James Wharton, another minister in the department at the time, and warned about the risk of fires spreading on the outside of buildings with cladding.
"Today's buildings have a much higher content of readily available combustible material. Examples are timber and polystyrene mixes in structure, cladding and insulation.
"This fire hazard results in many fires because adequate recommendations to developers simply do not exist. There is little or no requirement to mitigate external fire spread."

Link: BBC News article
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jcjc Posted on 19/06/2017 22:04

James Wharton ignored safety concerns at Grenfell tower

years ago we used to design and maufacture cladding for offshore
we used to go to warrington to test them and get fire ratings etc
surely a similar is needed for onshore installations
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American_Mary Posted on 19/06/2017 22:17

James Wharton ignored safety concerns at Grenfell tower

You would have thought so JCJC, it does sound like what you think of as common sense, diverse ingress and egress routes, non flammable materials, regular alarm tests and the like have been over looked in British construction.
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dooderooni Posted on 19/06/2017 22:33

James Wharton ignored safety concerns at Grenfell tower

It's tragic that an all-party committee's recommendations have been repeatedly ignored and it's taken a huge loss of life to put the focus on fire safety concerns which should be paramount.

I just hope that all those lives have not been lost in vain and that proper regulations follow this enquiry aswell as making sure that existing buildings are brought up to standard or condemned as appropriate.

I can't imagine what is going through the minds of the thousands of people living in similar properties around the country.
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inter_me_nan Posted on 19/06/2017 22:43

James Wharton ignored safety concerns at Grenfell tower

An honourable man. Well worth using the goodwill garnered through your ownership of the area's football team to publicly endorse. [DFS]
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