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MaggieThatcherRules Posted on 20/03/2017 16:01
Dog Advice
I'm just looking for general advice.

In the house there's

me with no experience in owning a dog
The mrs who has
We have a 7 year old
And a baby (1 Year old)

We have a decent back garden.

I thought it would be big no-no with the baby... But apparently not.

We've been looking on SOS and Waterfalls kennels for rescued dogs. The vast majority say not suitable for family with young children.

I work Full Time 45 Hours a week generally. Mrs will be going back to work Part Time (on shifts).

Any advice??

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The_GOAT Posted on 20/03/2017 16:04

Dog Advice

What type of advice are you looking for?

Most would say be wary of rehoused dogs as they can often carry mental trauma/you don't know their background etc, but any dog can 'turn'.
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coluka Posted on 20/03/2017 16:13

Dog Advice

Never ever leave a dog unattended with a baby or young child.

They all will bite if pushed, even the friendliest of dogs.

Dont get a working breed dog. By that I mean if you take border collies as an example. If they are bred from a working animal, they will be hard to tire out and need a lot of exercise.

See the link below it may help. Good luck. Dogs are great company, but you do need to choose wisely

Link: Info that may help
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Norman_Conquest Posted on 20/03/2017 16:41

Dog Advice

We had the most placid Westie and that turned on my youngest son.

It didn't help that he was trying to put his pyjamas on it. [;)]

Truthfully, I would wait until the baby is slightly older before getting a dog.
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MaggieThatcherRules Posted on 20/03/2017 16:59

Dog Advice

mainly looking as to what breed will be best for a young family.

but all advice very welcome.

any particular pups that might be better suited if rehoused dog could be Challenging.

The nearly one year old has been on her feet for about two months and wants to be down exploring constantly
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lionhunter Posted on 20/03/2017 17:09

Dog Advice

I'm usually a big advocate of kennels Hiwever not with a one year old.
I'd only go to the kennels for a smaller dog if you had the seven year old .
People say never leave your dog with a child and that's true but it only takes a second to bite a child it can be done that quickly you haven't time to react.
Sometimes you if your experienced you can read the signs but not always .
I wouldn't get a terrier with a baby no matter how small they are .
I'd wait till the babies older walking and out of nappies because dogs can be hard work even if they aren't pups .
Whippets are very good family pets , though have a tendancy to do one off the lead if not brought up correctly .
Thing is about dogs in kennels , you don't full pay know their temperament which can be dangerous with children especially small .
I don't own a whippet but know they are a very good family dog who even in the home like to lunge about rather than be hyper .
Give it walks and plenty of toys to chew on and leave it alone for not to long and you should have no problems provided your kids respect the dog when it wants time out ...that's why your little needs to be a few years older yet .
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lionhunter Posted on 20/03/2017 17:17

Dog Advice

Rhodesian Ridgebacks ....which I own .

Keep away from Terriers.... maybe a XXXXXX.Zu .[^]

Terriers are to boisterous as are labs and spaniels .

It also depends if you have other animals .

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MaggieThatcherRules Posted on 20/03/2017 17:27

Dog Advice

should have added.

No other animals.

sound like we best holding off for a while though.

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Only_Me Posted on 20/03/2017 17:28

Dog Advice

I'd leave it a few years yet mate. If your young baby gets a liking for pulling at the dog, the dog might turn and as others have already said, any dog can turn, especially when you have young kids ragging them about or putting them in jim jams.
Having a decent garden isn't enough, they need to be walked and I'd have thought your mrs has enough on her plate looking after the house and 2 young kids without another responsibility and any time you give to walking a dog could maybe be better spent playing or reading with the kids?
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Hignett21 Posted on 20/03/2017 17:43

Dog Advice

Depends...how attached are you to the youngest child?
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RoGoG Posted on 20/03/2017 17:57

Dog Advice

Higgy 😂

We had a Rotty as kids but she arrived as a pup when me and my Bro were 6 & 4, she was 3 when my youngest Bro arrived and she was incredible with him even though he terrorised her when he was growing up. I guess that's because she had grown up with us and my parents had raised her to understand she was the junior member of the family 'pack'. There is no way I'd bring in a re-homed dog around my baby especially as it's your first family dog. Just wait a few years, impatience could have horrific consequences.
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lionhunter Posted on 20/03/2017 18:52

Dog Advice

Rogog it depends on your dogs DNA probably over the breed .
Your rottie at some point will have had a few generations of well balanced Rotties leading down to its mother and father and of course brought up well.
The trouble is if you get an unbalanced one .
Same could be said for Ridgebacks though I think as a breed they are surprisingly one of the best.
Though to be fair you might be better off with experience because either of those breeds could be to much for an inexperienced owner.
My mate had two Rotties one was the daughter of they other .The mother was brilliant he seen both mother and father .He then mated his bitch with another dog who had a great pedigree .So he ended up with mother and daughter .The daughter was totally different to the mother even though both dogs were brought up the same they only difference was the different father and one side of the pedigree .My mate thankfully though never had kids but would often not allow her near anybody as she was unpredictable .
He wouldn't have used the dog if the experienced female owner of the dog had mentioned it.However who's to know that dog might have been ok but still had duff DNA .

I always get my dogs after doing my work on the owner of the mother and father .
Usually they owner owns both.
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RoGoG Posted on 20/03/2017 19:07

Dog Advice

Good point LH, my folks had a Ridgey after I'd left home, my Dad still says it's his most loyal dog ever, she never left his side when he walked her off the leash (unless he set her running etc) and had an amazingly calm temperament around strangers and other dogs etc. He's got a Belgian Shepherd now which is a cracking breed for an experienced dog owner, it's probably a bit too clever for a newbie though.
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Angelmatty Posted on 20/03/2017 19:30

Dog Advice

Both working parents
2 kids
Get them fish
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maturesmogette Posted on 20/03/2017 19:43

Dog Advice

My advice is just don't get a dog with young children in the house. If you are going to be at work all day. is that fair on the dog? No of course it isn't. They get very distressed when left on their own.
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Kevlar Posted on 20/03/2017 19:51

Dog Advice

Get a Greyhound from Dogs Trust or Greyhound Rescue.

Don't need much exercise and have a great mentality.
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Muttley Posted on 20/03/2017 20:39

Dog Advice

Despite what the occasional sensationalist story might lead you to believe, dogs attacking family members is an extremely rare occurrence.

That said I wouldn't countenance bringing a dog into your family at the moment, because it wouldn't be fair on the dog. Wait until your youngest is mature enough to act responsibly around a dog. There's no set age, five might be OK for some kids, others seven only you can judge when they understand the responsibility of having a dog. Also you need to able to commit to giving the dog at least two thirty minute walks a day (even for a small breed).

Enjoy your family then get a dog to complete it. My first dog (as a family man) died when my first born was only one year old. I didn't get another dog until he was seven. When that dog died it broke all our hearts, they really do make a family complete (IMO)
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UpTheBoro70 Posted on 20/03/2017 20:48

Dog Advice

Our kid was allergic to dog hair and dog dirt. All manner of illnesses stopped when we rehomed the dog. Unfortunate but mt boy comes first.
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Hercules Posted on 20/03/2017 21:05

Dog Advice

My advice:

Ignore the words of fmttmers regardless of their stated experience and knowledge. Go to an actual expert at a rehoming centre. Dogs Trust Darlington would be a good place to start.

IMO, it's nonsense that a rehomed dog is more of a risk than a puppy. Before a dog is rehomed they will be assessed over a significant period of time by an expert who knows what they are looking at. They'll ensure you get a dog that's suitable for your circumstances, if there is one. If not, they'll happily tell you. If you get a puppy, you're at the mercy of Lady Luck and there'll likely be no expert eye laid on the dog unless something goes wrong. Which will be too late.
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jcjc Posted on 20/03/2017 22:32

Dog Advice

dogs need to be around people if your both at work leave it till later on in life
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merrykoala Posted on 20/03/2017 23:08

Dog Advice

Our lass is the dog expert in the house (also a self employed dog groomer) and was bitten by her own dog as a kid caused by inadvertent rough handling.

Her recommendation is to avoid rescue dogs due to potential previous trauma issues as young kids have a habit of not leaving them alone.

We've got a few dogs and young kids, have always had dogs around the kids in fact. Supervision and training is key, if you can't commit to that then think on. A puppy is always best IMHO but that's a lot of commitment on top of your other responsibilities.
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Fluffy-Carpet Posted on 21/03/2017 01:27

Dog Advice

We have a Staffie and kept her with our little one who is two now. We also had another staffie who we had when my teenage daughter was a baby. They were amazing dogs with the kids. We only kept them because we new the character of the dogs. I don't think I would recommend going out and getting a new dog whilst you have a baby though. You just couldn't trust it.
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SchrodingersSystem Posted on 21/03/2017 01:34

Dog Advice

I'd probably look at getting an ex guidedog 🐕 in your situation.

I've currently a rescue dog from dogs trust and it's a lot of work. At least guide dogs are well trained and use to being around people
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