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goalscrounger Posted on 12/01/2017 02:11
Windows Folders - This Is Doing My Head In!!
This "should" be a straightforward task....but isn't. Any help would be appreciated because I've tried the "Apply This View" approach without any success.

Right, I've got a folder called Music.

Inside that folder is a subfolder for each artist.

Inside each artist folder are subfolders for each album.

Inside each album folder are the actual files for the album tracks.

eg music/decemberists/crane wife/(album tracks)

I'd like the Artist folders to be large icons, the Album folders to be large icons but the actual files inside each Album folder to be shown using Details view.

Can I hell get Windows 10 to do this.....I either get Large Icons all the way or I get Large Icons for Artists and details for everything else.

Any suggestions please?!
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DCI_Gene_Hunt Posted on 12/01/2017 05:48

Windows Folders - This Is Doing My Head In!!

Windows File Explorer is a night mare - I'd actually like to the opposite and have all my folders in the Details view but every time I go to a folder Windows has changed it back to an icon view....
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r00fie1 Posted on 12/01/2017 05:58

Windows Folders - This Is Doing My Head In!!

Use Ubuntu[^]
I scrapped Windows operating system three years ago and turned to Lynux.
Its far less cluttered and more flexible than Windows. The bugs and unneccessary icons and pop-ups which slow down Windows are replaced by clean screens and user - friendly software.

Honestly: you can have a dual - operating system to start with and then erase Windows altogether.

Linux is free, so you can build your own start - up disc if it fails, without having to spend on installation software like Windows. Give it a try.
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dooderooni Posted on 12/01/2017 09:56

Windows Folders - This Is Doing My Head In!!

gs, give Directory Opus a go free for 60 days.

I bought and still use version 9 and it really is the best and only file manager you'll ever need. Customisable layouts, scripting for buttons, integration with third party apps etc.

I've got buttons to re-encode mp3s using Lame, encode videos using Handbrake and lots of other cool stuff.

Link: Opus
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BaronSmoggie Posted on 12/01/2017 10:58

Windows Folders - This Is Doing My Head In!!

Yes you can do this, but its a nuisance.

Open the properties for the root Music folder. Make sure its set to Music as the type. De-select the Apply to subfolders option.

Set your view options as you want them.

Go into the Artist name and repeat the above.

Go into the Album and set your view settings as required.

If you wanted them all the same, using the folder templates and apply to all would be easy, as you want it different, its more involved, but doable.
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