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borolad259 Posted on 13/02/2016 10:08
Edited On: 13/02/2016 21:15FMTTM ADMIN/MODERATION
Some simple guidelines.

1. Admin of this board is done in the interests of the majority of users and not just for the individual (you). This might mean that you may find yourself upset/irritated/infuriated/full of righteous indignation over admin decisions (especially if one of your posts has been deleted). This is unfortunate, but it's the way things are.

2. Admin do not have the time, or the inclination, to enter long eliptical discussions about admin decisions. If you have a query about a specific decision, you can email fmttmadmin@gmail.com It may not be possible to answer your query immediately. We may be busy. POSTS/THREADS ABOUT ADMIN DECISIONS/POLICY WILL BE DELETED.

3. There are several of us. One of us has the hide of a rhino, the others don't. Abuse of admin will no longer be tolerated at all.

4. It's not a democratic process. It might even resemble an authoritarian regime. Well, it might be, but for the vast majority of users who have little or no conflict with admin, it's a benevolent one.

5. No discussion of admin/moderation on the board. It will be deleted. See point 2.

6. Try to treat other users with respect. Refrain from posts that MAY BE INTERPRETED as hateful/racist/offensive etc.
Banter is fine, as are the attempts to circumvent the swear filter ... as long as they are mild/amusing/NOT LIKELY TO OFFEND.

7. Be aware that girls/women read the board. If the lads could try to keep a lid on their testosterone, and keep to language that's unlikely to make women feel uncomfortable, that would be helpful. This is gender specific because the issue is gender specific. In fact female posters seldom give admin cause for concern on any front.

8. If you see something offensive, you can report it in this thread.

9. DO NOT POST CRITICISM OR ARGUMENT WITH ADMIN IN THIS THREAD. Thanks. That will help us to keep it free for reports.

10. Enjoy.
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TheFair86 Posted on 05/09/2019 12:16


Can you save us all a couple of minutes and make boff71 move on to his next username in his rolodex? Its been clear for a while now who he is but seems to have been allowed to keep posting, but is doing his usual mask slipping excercise what with all thats going on sending him nuts.
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TerryWay Posted on 28/09/2019 16:19

Admin can you please look at Joseph99 blatantly specific racist comment about black people being overcooked gammon on the gammon thread.

I hope this is not considered acceptable on this forum

Thank you.
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TerryWay Posted on 28/10/2019 08:58

Admins some very disturbing and libellous posts by Spartan81 calling other posters “nonces”.

Link: Offending thread
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BessemerConvertor Posted on 17/11/2019 22:16

There is a thread which you should be aware of which includes this post "This should be good. Jennifer Arcuri who pocketed large sums of public cash in return for sexual favours for Johnson when he was London mayor is going public today because she is hurt."

Are you content to publish this assertion and the other similar ones contained in the thread?
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borolad259 Posted on 17/11/2019 22:53

Let us think about it for a while.
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Ticker_Tape Posted on 27/11/2019 08:49

Hi Rob.
Could you take a look at IAGO posts at
Posted on 27/11/2019 05:19, calling people nonces and being abusive. I think he has problems with people,could you have a word please.
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