Avalanche Party and The Boro
By Rob Nichols
Wednesday 06 Mar 2019 18:05:00
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N Yorks band Avalanche Party are the most intense thing ever to come roaring out of the moors? Rated in the NME Top 100 picks for 2019 they are flying off to Texas at this moment for the incredible SXSW Festival, wher we have not one but two acts performing. But what are the Boro links and credentials for this hotter than a Texan ranch act? What position did one of them once aspire to filling at Boro?

They were crowned in the the NME’s Top 100 picks for 2019. After a year that saw Avalanche Party play Reading Festival, headline locally at Twisterella fest and play most of Europe the band from North York Moors look set for big, big things. They play the most intense music imaginable and live performance are absolutely full on epic events. I have known the Bell brothers, singer and bass men, since way back when and have seen them and their late father Pete at many Boro games over the years. So, it was high time for them to make their Fly Me bow.

APQ: AP come from beautiful N Yorks Moors so where on earth does that intense, white knuckle white noise come from?

AP: Having to feed the ducks at 5am when it’s pissing down with rain. Ever done that? Trying to keep your millet dry. It’s a thankless task that drives you to rage against the firmament on a regular basis. In the end it was better to start a band than keep swearing at the birdies. We lived on the side of Blakey Ridge, it’s white knuckle round there. 

Q: You have an incredible stage presence - is this something you set out to be as in so memorable and a performance that blows the audience away?

A: Yes, we aim to blow one and all. Never been a conscious decision. Coming from the moors, even a gig in Boro is a trek so our natural instinct has been we want to give people something to watch. All our favourite bands put on a show; local bands we were gigging with like The Chapman Family and Goy Boy Mcilroy were really influential in that regard. 

Q: You have had many incredible achievements in your journey so far - what was it like playing Reading, and headlining festivals locally.

A: Reading - that was alright. Flea cracking around backstage slapping his bass, eyes closed, lost in a funk hole. That felt like a big one. 

We played the Paradiso in Amsterdam recently. That was massive, huge theatre style venue and the place was packed. Probably the best venue I’ve been in. Did a lot of great festivals last year like Isle Of Wight, Deer Shed, Electric Fields.

Headlining Twisterella at the Westgarth was the best gig we did though. It’s a class festival, always an absolutely brilliant atmosphere. Andy and Henry do a fantastic job organising the day. Will never forget how much the stage was bouncing. 

Q: You must have been totally thrilled with NME accolade of being in NME Top 100 picks for 2019? This is looking like a massive year to you with SWSX in Texas and named as a headliner at Stockton Calling at Easter?

A: Yeah SXSW is something we’ve always wanted to do, can’t wait to go over there and see what’s going on in Texas. Buy a coyote at the mall. We’re playing New York, LA and doing a West Coast tour too. 

Stockton Calling will be great, they’ve got big things to be announced line-up wise so get those tickets snapped up. 

Besides that, this is the year we release our debut album. We’ve just finished recording it, really excited to get it out. 

Q: Dylan Cartlidge was also named in that Top 100 picks - is this showing that things are happening locally and people are taking an interest in acts from Teesside and N Yorks?

A: I don’t think there’s more interest no - people from round here have always had to work harder to be heard and I don’t think that’s changing. Dylan’s great, but he didn’t get on people’s radars doing karaoke at the Liqour Vaults. He’s gigged all over the place and worked really hard for everything he’s got. He fully deserves all success. Are things happening locally? Yeah, there’s some great stuff going on. Pellethead forever!

Avalanche Party

Q: Boro-stuff now - am I right in thinking that you might have done some training at the Boro academy back when you were younger? If so are there any memories of that?

A: I used to be a good goalkeeper but got turned down for being too small. Now that I have grown to the size of bigger than Shay Given but not as big as Dimi - I wonder what might have been. As it is I’ve blossomed into a mediocre Andrea Pirlo impressionist.

Q: Can you recall your first Boro games and what you remember of the game and the day?

A: My first Boro game was actually a reserve match at home against Man United some time around 2001 which we won 4-3. The new Maradona of the time Carlos Marinelli played and was absolutely superb. My first proper game was a 1-1 draw against Spurs in 01-02. Rebrov scored for them and Queudrue equalised with a free kick midway through the second half. 25 yards out, dead central.  I was in the middle of the north stand; we were shooting towards the south. Mustoe wrestled their man on the inside edge of the wall to the floor to make space for Franck to bend it in left footed. Beautiful. After that followed the worst 0-0 in the history of mankind against Charlton, where Michael Ricketts actually looked promising, then the Carling Cup run, and the unforgettable European nights. 

Q: Who have been your favourite players and memories?

A: Mendieta was my favourite player of the McClaren era. Loved him. Favourite memory of him would be him getting a standing ovation for controlling a ball dead that had dropped about 2 Miles out the sky. Without going into Europe my favourite memories would be Viduka’s goal in the FA Cup against Charlton where he dribbled past 3 players in the box. The play off semi against Brentford. Trafalgar Square. Running into the pitch after Brighton, lifting Nugent onto my shoulders. Finally seeing us beat Leeds last year 3-0 after endless awful 1-0 defeats and scrappy draws. Then Basel and Bucharest and Zenden’s screamer against Lazio top the lot. 

Q: Can we get promotion and make it a n epic year for Boro and Avalanche party?

A: The eternal optimist says yes of course!!! Traore will come back in Jan. So too will a potent attacking trio of James Morrison, Rory Delap and Brian Deane. Leeds will crumble. Automatic promotion will be secured against Stoke on April 19th. Tony Pulis will DJ at Kubar the next day for the Stockton Calling afterparty playing back to back Long Tall Sally. UTB.





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