How to Lose Your Man Boobs aka ‘Moobs’
By Mark Page
Tuesday 03 Aug 2010 12:42:00
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This is the first Health and Fitness article produced for the Fly Me readers from a new regular columnist .

Over the past few days I’ve been asking myself what would the FMTTM readers like to read about regarding fitness and health?


At first I thought I’ll ease my way in and talk about something like who I am, what I stand for etc but I soon figured it’s not about me, it’s about what you the reader can get out of it so I came to the conclusion that I’m not going to mess around and just get straight into it.


With just over 25% of Teesside classed as obese we are without doubt an area where we can get healthier. We are actually higher than the national average in exercise frequency but we’re way down on eating the correct kind of nutrition.


I’m guessing that the majority of the readers will be male and at least half of these will be overweight sporting a pair of man boobs. So this is how I came up with the title of ‘How to Lose Your Man Boobs aka Moobs’.


Now, I understand this can be a little embarrassing for some men and reading this article may make you feel a little uncomfortable but I am the kind of guy who will say something if it needs to be said.


Earlier this year I read a newspaper article (I hardly ever watch or read the news by the way but that can be for a different article) which made me feel a little uneasy:


The number of men having ‘breast reduction’ surgery had increased by 1000%.
Yes, you read that right - the number of men going under the knife to ‘lose the moobs’ has gone up by ONE THOUSAND PER CENT.


323 men had the surgery last year- that’s almost one a day. Compared to just 22 in 2003!

Seriously, I was astonished by this. Are there no alpha males' left? Are all men turning into women these days?


It’s time to get real here. If you’re a man and you are 3 stone overweight then to me it’s pretty obvious how your ‘pecs’ are looking shouldn’t be your ultimate concern. You should be dropping some body fat for the sake of your health and ability to live a better life. At the end of the day if you go under the knife for that then the rest of your body will still be fat so in no time at all these man boobs will re-appear.

Fortunately, I know that the good Teesside blokes aren’t one for going under the knife to enhance appearance so if you’re one of the many who exercise regularly, eat pretty well but can’t quite rid those moobs then more than likely you’re looking at a hormonal issue.

Without going into too much boring stuff so I’ll keep it as simple as I can.


Men have testosterone. More is usually better. Women tend to be full of the estrogen hormone.


Cutting a long story short it’s more than likely you’re your male hormone – testosterone is getting its backside kicked by the female hormone - estrogen.
More scientifically; your testosterone is being converted, via the enzyme aromatase into estrogen.

For a male testosterone = good. Estrogen = Not good.


Ok, so I’m sure you’re bored with the scientific stuff now so I’ll move onto the cure.


For the majority of people eliminating certain things from your diet usually does the job.
It can get a little more complicated but I’d suggest we look at this strategy first.

1.) First of all - drop some body fat. As I stated earlier, the more overweight you are - the better chance you have of developing a rack larger than some females.


2.) Beer and Lager are a huge reason why you have moobs.

Your favourite pint on a Friday night is brutal for body fat levels. Not only is it liquid sugar - thus adding to the love handle fat that’s spilling over your jeans but it also contains hops.

The hops in beer are amazingly estrogenic and regular supping of it will always have a ‘womanizing’ effect on you.

3.) Clean up your diet. This to me should be obvious to you. You will also want to be looking at increasing your intake of Zinc. Zinc is a mineral that 99% of you guys reading this will be deficient in. Unfortunately for you though, zinc is linked to increased testosterone levels and is also anti-aromatase. Meaning - it’s awesome for you and your moobs.

Organic nuts and seeds- particularly pecans and pumpkin seeds are great for restoring optimal levels of zinc too as they contain it.

Fibre - in a soluble form, such as, flax seeds can also be used as they can ‘bind ‘to estrogen and assist in its removal.

The vegetables Watercress, broccoli and cauliflower are also going to be hugely beneficial in this too. They contain pretty high amount of – indole-3-carbinol, which again can help to excrete estrogen.

4.) Lift weights - Intense weight training is a given in any program where we’re looking to increase testosterone and you must lift heavy with squats, dead lifts, chin ups, military press and get great at push ups. Doing push ups correctly will never be easy if you keep modifying them.

So there you have it. It’s a simple game if you take the right action like this guy below.


 17 stone


“Back in March 2009 I weighed 17 stone 7lb and was getting bigger with a high fat and sugar diet mixed with little exercise other than a couple of jogs  per week. Mark approached me and asked if I would like his help, which I accepted as I was at a loss. Mark set up a training program and a eating plan. The plan was a 30 day nutrition plan running along with training 5 days a week, 3 days resistance and 2 days carrying on with my running as I really enjoyed it and didn’t want to give it up.

After the 30 days I weighed 16 stone.


I introduced certain food which I could not have within the 30 days but was instructed by Mark not to introduce too many sugars, wheat or complex carbohydrates. I carried on training with changes to the program every month by Mark to suit my goal. Nine months later I weighed 11 stone 7lb and was at my optimum weight for my height and BMI index, 12 months from when I started  I now weigh 11 stone, I  still train every day with weekends off, I eat very healthy and enjoy my new life style and new look.

 Mark and his abilities, knowledge and friendship has changed my life, he has created a healthier fitter me, with a new lease of life.


Mark Page you are a fitness legend, who without much effort has changed my life forever!”

Anthony Cook (Fit as), Eston                                          


If Anth can do it then there’s no reason why any of you can’t do it.



Mark owns his a Fitness Camp business in the Teesside area called Teesside Fitness Camp. He has been fitness professional for over 8 years. During those eight years, Mark has been committed to achieving excellence in results for fitness training and has developed his skills to get you the best results in the quickest possible time.

Our Teesside Fitness Camps feature 30-minute express workouts for busy professionals and they guarantee to help you drop a dress or pant size in 28 days or your money back.

We do this as we are sick and tired of health clubs, television shows, mediocre trainers, fads and anything else for that matter that are doing nothing but steal your money, giving you zero results when quite frankly you deserve more.

To learn more about us please visit for more information. 

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