Call My Boro Bluff
By Elle Brunton
Wednesday 17 Jun 2009 17:05:00
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It’s summer, Fathers Day is coming up so we thought we’d press you in  the direction of our book Teesside Urban Legends: The Best of the Boro Message Boards.'s Elle Brunton will be bringing you a chapter-by-chapter review as we count down to…  Father’s Day

Chapter Five: Call My (Boro) Bluff

One October evening a Boro fan decided to play 'Call My Bluff' with his fellow FMTTM and posters. Obviously there was a Boro spin on the traditional formula so from Viduka to Bernie Slaven via Ravanelli and Curtis Fleming, no-one was safe and another classic thread was born.

Both fan favourites and scapegoats received a good dose of stick.

We learned that a ROCHEMBACK is either:

a) "A large variant of the stickleback but not as nimble"
b) "A lesser-spotted bird native to Brazil with a white plummage and distinctive squealing call" or
c) "A legendary bullfighter who teased the adoring crowds by pretending he could not hit the bull..."

Meanwhile, Alastair Brownlee was goodnaturedly lambasted for his inexhaustible enthusiasm.

The BROWNLEE was variously portrayed as a syndrome much like tourettes, a military strategy which would "ignore all evidence of superior firepower of opposing armies" and a Class A drug which gives the user "a sense of euphoria and excitablity" but carries a heavy comedown.

Amongst the best posts regarding our neighbours was "GEORDIE - Would like to be known as a Magpie, but is unable to claim any silverware".

Meanwhile, QUEUEDRUE was defined as "to dive into a situation recklessly without giving any thought for the consequences, either for oneself or others." For more Boro bluff, consult a copy of Teesside Urban Legends today!

Review of chapter six to follow...




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