What Happened To Pogi's Head?
By Elle Brunton
Friday 12 Jun 2009 13:45:00
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It’s summer, Fathers Day is coming up so we thought we’d press you in  the direction of our book Teesside Urban Legends: The Best of the Boro Message Boards.

ComeOnBoro.com's Elle Brunton will be bringing you a chapter-by-chapter review as we count down to…  Father’s Day. Yes Teesside Urban Legends might just cheer up your old dad and remind him of happier days. 

It will be a bit like the Twelve Days of Christmas in summer but no measly partridges or onion rings here thank you very much.

Instead, Elle will be bringing you snippets of solid gold entertainment from
Teesside Urban Legends.

Chapter Two: What Happened To Pogi's Head?

After the infamous Bolton match a couple of seasons ago in which Boro star Emanuel Pogatetz sustained a serious head injury and continued to charge around the pitch, dripping with blood like the 'Mad Dog' we all know and love, the imaginative posters of FMTTM and ComeOnBoro.com amused themselves with alternative explanations for the injury. And a legend was born.

Everything from global warming to the destruction of extinct species is attributed to Pogi, as ever more outrageous claims are made to support Pogi's uber-masculinity, virility and God-like status amongst men.

Absolute gems such as "Pogi isn't hung like a horse, horses are hung like Pogi" and "Emanuel Pogatetz's calender goes straight from March 31st to April 2nd. Nobody fools Mad Dog" are just some of the weird and wonderful 'facts' which make up the thread.

According to the thread, the world began with Pogi, Superman wears his pants on the outside of his suit because he arm-wrestled Pogi and lost and "There is no theory of evolution, just a list of creatures Emanuel Pogatetz allows to live".

In the foreword to Teesside Urban Legends, Pogi clears up the mystery saying: "Oh, and just for the record, Kevin Davies' elbow was what really happened to Pogi's head!" but this thread is a true testament to the posters' wacky sense of humour and of course the esteem in which Pogi is held by the Boro fans.

The last word must, of course, go to the man himself (you think I would defy Pogi?!) who said: "Enjoy the book. I know I will" - A command rather than a request!

Review of chapter three coming later...

Review of chapter two coming tomorrow..


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