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bollingtonblue Posted on 04/05/2018 08:29

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In 1996/97 Macc were promoted from the then Conference to the Football League. That season the home gates were averaging around 1100 until the final few home games boosted the season average to about 1400.
This season we have seen the average home gate of about 1550 grow to 1850 with two large gates for the last two matches.
So it seems that we are starting life again in League Two with about 400 (+30% or so) better support than 21 years ago.
Factors that have attracted more support to Moss Rose compared to 21 years ago could be:
Growth in the population of the Macclesfield area
Better stadium facilities at Moss Rose
Residual impact of 15 seasons in the Football League which attracted increased support.
Larger number of away supporters from some ex League clubs such as Tranmere and Wrexham.
Growing appreciation of JAs loyality and success with the club.
Next season let's hope that the home gate averages well over 2000 and possibly 2500.
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macchiavelli Posted on 04/05/2018 08:56
Edited On: 04/05/2018 08:56
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Our last season in the FL (2011-12), saw a home league average of 2227, so maybe that would be a good baseline.

I would hope we could better that playing the likes of Crewe, Vale, Bury, Mansfield, maybe Tranmere, plus Rochdale or Oldham, and 2 of Coventry/Lincoln/Notts County in L2 next season.

It all hinges upon us playing well of course!
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saltpie Posted on 04/05/2018 09:27

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Another couple of teams in Division 2 who have a good travelling support are Grimsby and Carlisle.
That's nearly half of of the opposition teams which hopefully could help the finances for next season, but as said we have to play well, over to you Mr Askey and Mr Alkahdi.
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