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WillMill Posted on 13/02/2018 11:50
Man of the Match 2017/18 after Aldershot
Edited On: 20/02/2018 14:56
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SLE Choice_________________ W2R Choice
Wrexham - Keith Lowe
Hartlepool - Elliot Durrell______David Fitzpatrick
Bromley - Keith Lowe_ Keith Lowe
Sutton ---unanimous on both Billy O'Brien
Gateshead --- for both Gime Toure
Dover-Elliott Durrell ---- David Fitzpatrick
Chester---for both almost 100% Kieran Kennedy
Woking Elliott Durrell(SLE) Keith Lowe (W2R)
Solihull - on both by a mile Shwan Jalal
Fylde - again both in agreement Scott Wilson
Maidstone - close but Scott Wilson for both
Torquay-Jared Hodgkiss(SLE) & Shwan Jalal(W2R)
Aldershot-Mitch Hancox(SLE) but Elliott Durrell(W2R)
Guisley Danny Whitaker on both with almost 100%
Ebbsfleet - Danny Whitehead (SLE) and Danny Whitaker(W2R)
Stourbridge - Koby Arthur for both
Leyton Orient - Keith Lowe narrowly from Sam the Ram in both.
Eastleigh - SLE Ryan Lloyd and George Pilkington for W2R
Forest Green - Koby Arthur for both
Barrow - Ryan LLoyd - SLE
Boreham Wood - Lowe and Pilkington = SLE Keith Lowe W2R
Tranmere - Danny Whitehead W2R
Maidenhead - Ryan LLoyd
Hartlepool - Keith Lowe
Wrexham - Scott Wilson
Halifax H - Danny Whitehead
Sutton - Keith Lowe
Halifax A -Mich Hancox
Solihull Moors - Ryan Lloyd
Fylde - George Pilkington
Torquay - Callum Evans
Guisley - David Fitzpatrick
Aldershot - Nathan Blissett
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WillMill Posted on 20/02/2018 14:57
Man of the Match 2017/18 after Aldershot

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Tranmere should be a cracker.[^]
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