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Andrew_J97 Posted on 04/02/2018 17:27
More lies

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Mark Blower didnít invite the players to a meeting like he said. The players had to approach him for answers

Some staff havenít been paid on time for months and have left (Rob Heys likely one of them)

The most communication weíve had is from a fan page ran by a supporter. The club has offered nothing.

I think itís quite obvious that this money for players that was raised has now been spent on wages. I canít see us bringing anyone else in now.

The club may feel that they donít owe the supporters anything but our money is what pays their wages.

Why would anyone else want to come to our club knowing our situation of paying players on time and how can our current squad go on in confidence knowing funds are low and that this could happen again before the end of the season.

Changes are needed at the top. Someone who actually cares about the club needs to come in rather than people who just care about rinsing every penny we get and reaping the rewards from transfers and cup runs.

How Askey is still here is mind blowing. Iím sure heís had offers from league clubs but heís still here trying to get us promoted whilst the club canít even be bothered to pay him or the players on time.
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RoweyOnTheWing Posted on 05/02/2018 00:50
More lies

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Spot on. Alarming stuff.
Iíve said it before but the owner puts in the absolute minimum, takes all the money raised from player sales, cup / trophy runs and tv matches and uses it to prop up other venturesí.
SJA the only thing keeping us in this league. If he leaves weíd be up sh*t creak without a paddle.
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metz1984 Posted on 05/02/2018 01:25
More lies

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Good post Andrew nothing could be more true than how you have put that,probably the best post I've read in this issue,our owner has no interest in taking this club forward what so ever,and I've felt this way for at least the last 2 seasons maybe 3,the fans with their hard work are keeping this club a float, the players along with JA deserve medals for getting us in the league position we are in,but the powers that be do not appreciate it not one bit..so for me its Blower out Amar out.I'm not gulible to full for more lies from them,its a disgrace.also feel sorry for the club staff been treated in this way,whether they the players are paid later or not this is a disgrace...

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