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mac_ Posted on 08/11/2019 21:37
Wrong film quotes

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Morpheus in The Matrix

This world . . . belongs to the strong, my friend! The ritual of our existence is based on the strong getting strongerd by devouring the weak. We must face up to this. No more than right that it should be this way. We must learn to accept it as a law of the natural world. The rabbits accept their role in the ritual and recognize the wolf is the strong. In defense, the rabbit becomes sly and frightened and elusive and he digs holes and hides when the wolf is about. And he endures, he goes on. He knows his place. He most certainly doesn't challenge the wolf to combat. Now, would that be wise? Would it?
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mickyhoss Posted on 08/11/2019 21:56
Wrong film quotes
Edited On: 08/11/2019 21:58
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Yíall know me. Know how I earn a liviní. Iíll build Filbo for you, but it ainít gonna be easy. Tough model. Not like going down to dominoes and buying Airfix kits. This model, drive you mad. We gotta do it quick, But itís not gonna be pleasant. I value my skill a lot more than three thousand bucks, Top. Iíll plan it for three, but Iíll build it, and finish it, for ten. But youíve gotta make up your minds. If you want to have a great model, then ante up. If you want to play it cheap, make the fcuker out of Lego. I donít want no volunteers, I donít want no mates, thereís too many captains on Bentleys Roof. Ten thousand dollars for me by myself. For that you get the Kop, the Mainstand, the whole damn thing.
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