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FoxinRutland Posted on 06/12/2018 07:42
My player opinion

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KS - Couple of decent saves, distribution awful.
DS - Did ok defensively, but i think we are worse when he plays as he ONLY defends. Will only pass to Morgan.
WM - Should have scored. Fouls for fun. Missed Evans to direct him.
CS - Headless at times which is not ideal for Morgan. At fault for goal. Needs a run of games, but not necessarily with us!
BC - Worst performance for a while. First touch was terrible and all bar one cross was awful.
FD - Looked out of his depth. Simple.
WN - I like Wilf, but there's something wrong. Doesn't seem at it. Distribution awful.
PM - Best City player last night. Starting to see why CR bought him.
MA - What's the point of crossing the ball in when KI is the option in the box.
JM - Drifts in and out of the game, but our only offensive threat. Had to come back into our own half to get the ball regularly. Pass it to him!!
KI - I'm not the biggest fan of him. Can't play as lone striker, we all know that. Should have scored after 2 minutes. Contributed nothing else, but service was limited.

Overall, have to be happy with a point after the performance. A point behind 6th place, but not sure how. Need to be a lot lot better on Saturday. Please be fit Vardy, Evans and Pereira.

I have my finger on the STOP THE PUEL BUS button, might have to get off soon. I know he doesn't want us to play like this, but if the players aren't capable, then play to their strengths, whatever they are.
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Bradnor Posted on 06/12/2018 08:17
My player opinion

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Good summary FIR. Wilf always puts in a good shift, but the end results aren't there at the moment,plus Cairney when he came on saw a lot of the ball.

Even CP said to the press we didn't play well, which means in private he must have been really unhappy with them. It happens, and we got a point away, not all bad
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