Leicester City. An Increasingly Anti-Supporter Institution.
By BentleysRoof
Thursday 07 Oct 2010 11:39:00
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Those of you who might be tired of Leicester City Football Club and its seemingly ongoing battle against its own supporters, might like to take heart. If recent events are to be taken on face value, it could be said that the club is trying to change its ways and become almost motherly in its gentle handling of us all. 

You see apparently, it’s a big, bad world out there. A world chock-full of naughty, controversial issues and murky, dirty politics. But if any of that ever leaves you feeling insecure, be not afraid, for those ever-alert folks at LCFC are going to ensure that none of that nasty ‘political stuff’ will ever tarnish the club or any of its supporters. 

That’s nice of them, isn’t it? But, “How, pray tell?” I hear you ask.

Perhaps if they want to rid the stadium of politics in the future, will they forbid Mr Vaz from being part of the half-time entertainment, and thereby, in effect, desist in bringing politics right, slap-bang onto the pitch for all of us to endure? Good question, and it sounds like a logical idea, but I don’t think that that fits in with how LCFC do things. Mr Vaz isn’t one of the oiks you know. 

Okay then, will they be informing Mr Vaz that he is to cease with his very public statements affirming that he supports LCFC, and some might say, perhaps thereby using the club to promote his own political profile? No, they couldn’t do that. He has a right to free speech, doesn’t he? 

Well then, will they be doing an Arsenal with the banning of all national flags for fear of creating politically fuelled incidents within the stadium? Ye gads no! Not yet at least, but in time……..

What then? Will they be ditching the traditional blue colour of the team, lest the club be seen to be “too pro-Royalist”, or perhaps “too pro-Tory” in its outlook? 

Now come on, surely nobody could be that bloody pedantic, could they? Could they? Well actually…… 

Yes, somebody could. For it seems that if a someone holds a harmless banner that highlights the earth-shattering issue of ‘Scunthorpe and its standing area’, then that person will be told to conceal it or get kicked out. Why? Because such an act has been deemed to be “too political.” 

“Too political”

Think about that. In a world of constant conflict, war, scandal, crisis and POLITICAL CORRUPTION, the real ‘hot potato’ that no one dare handle is the issue of Scunthorpe and its standing area.

Well I am sorry LCFC, but all of that is a load of unmitigated bollocks. Such a statement by representatives of LCFC is not just an overreaction; it is an interfering, overbearing statement of such mindless triviality, to make it almost epic. An act of such immense stupidity, to leave one with but three choices: to ignore it right-out, lampoon it or reject it. 

Let us proceed with the latter.

1. As Mr Vaz’s attendance proves, LCFC does attach itself to the world of politics as and when it feels like it. It then, in my eyes, forces this world upon its own supporters. Hypocritical? I’d say. 

2. Overreacting slightly, I put it to you, the person who is responsible for the message given to the supporters holding the banner. I put it to you that it is not they who were being too political, but you! You, who by your words and your actions, did damage to the very core of all that makes western democracy worth something: our ability to express ourselves. Shame on you for that. 

3. I also ask of LCFC a question. You say that the act was “too political”. This surely suggests that there is a level of political activity from the supporters that is acceptable. If so, I’m buggered if I can work out what it might be. Can anybody at LCFC clarify? 

And finally 4…

This is madness, is it not? All of it. Which then begs another question: who on earth could be responsible for reacting to a harmless banner in such a ludicrous way? I don’t know, but I feel that I do know the type.

How do you know when you are dealing with a tin-pot, little Hitler whose gone doo-lally with ‘power’? You can hear it in the gibberish they come out with to justify their decisions. You can sense it in their rock-solid insistence upon the rules being complied with, no matter that those rules have no relevance to a given situation. No matter that these petty autocrats break those same rules as and when the feel like it. Sound familiar?

It ought to, for this club continues to treat its supporters like crap. The real message given to those who held the banner, was not one of ‘please don’t be too political’, but the same one that we have been hearing for years now, and that message is, “Sit down, shut up and do as you are told!”

Like I said: that’s nice of them, isn’t it? 

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