How Football Should be played
By Stockyfox
Friday 10 Sep 2010 18:25:00
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By Stockyfox

On the commemoration of the defeat of Tottenham Hotspur by Leicester City in the Battle of White Hart Lane on 4th February 1961 (or ‘How Football Should be played’)

There was once a great soccer team called Tottenham,
More commonly known as ‘The Spurs’,
They played some beautiful football,
In fact, there was no team better than theirs
They made some very big signings,
(As these clubs quite often do),
They bought the very best players
That is, the very best players on view.
They built up a good reputation
And became the country’s top club,
They were hailed as the team of the era
And were the talking point in the pub.
Everyone talked about Tottenham,
Even those who hadn’t followed Tottenham before,
They talked about having a super-league
Just for Tottenham (and one or two more!).
But now to get things in perspective,
I’ll tell you what happened one day –
How the mighty Spurs were defeated
By a team that was playing –AWAY!
Yes! They took on the Spurs and at Tottenham,
Everyone said Tottenham would win
Well, after all, it was only quite natural,
To say that they wouldn’t was a sin.
The team that they played – It was Leicester!
What’s that I just heard you say?
Oh Sir! Really! How dare you
Just stand there and say ‘Who are they?’
But well may you ask, dear supporter,
For it’s not many that have heard of them.
They don’t happen to have any star players
Or anyone that you’d call a gem.
It’s funny that Leicester’s unknown though,
But then you listen to me,
The BBC’s completely ignored them,
For they only talk about Tottenham you see!
But Leicester have made quite a habit
Of beating the cream in the land,
First they beat Wolverhampton Wanderers,
Something even they hadn’t planned.
And then came along the Arsenal
Leicester beat them with ease,
After that, they went to Newcastle
And won three-one in the breeze.
And then they won at Chelsea,
And that was for the first time ever,
They also won at Villa
And from Preston gained a feather.
When Everton tried their luck,
They lost four-one in the mud
And then Leicester beat Sheffield Wednesday
At home, but then it was quite good.
And hush, for Sheffield had beaten,
And this only one week before,
The one and only great Tottenham,
It shook ‘em right down to the core.
But then this match was played at the Wednesday,
For Tottenham were unbeatable at home,
But they lost two-nil at Old Trafford
And their supporters started to foam.
Manchester United however,
Came to Leicester, five days after this win,
But lost six-none unfortunately,
My! Didn’t that cause a din!
After this Leicester beat Bristol
Five-one, one night in the cup,
And then came the match with Tottenham,
Which made the supporters go ‘Whoop!’
The defeat of United had ‘em talking
In London, on the morn of the match,
Could they, would they or wouldn’t they
Beat Tottenham starting from scratch.
Well, the impossible happened.
Leicester played them into the ground,
They took the lead in twenty-eight minutes
And never looked around.
Allen equalised though for Spurs
Six minutes after this upset,
But three minutes later, captain Walsh
Smashed a rebound into the net.
Hardly had the second half started
When Leicester gave a foul in the box,
Blanchflower took the kick,
Bobby Smith took the knocks.
Leicester were undaunted,
And pressed on full of fire,
Someone threw a beer bottle
Right into the mire.
And then after sixty-seven minutes
Came Leicester’s crowning goal,
Walsh beat Norman coolly
And up to the net he stole.
Brown, the Tottenham goalie,
Came out to try and save,
But Walsh made no mistake
And made our supporters rave.
The Press went mad, the TV too,
Everyone had a complete surprise,
Tottenham beaten at White Hart Lane,
Leicester had gained the prize!
Dedicated to :
Gordon Banks; Len Chalmers, Ritchie Norman,
Frank McLintock, Ian King, Colin Appleton;
Howard Riley, Jimmy Walsh, Ken Leek,
Ken Keyworth and Gordon Wills.
And also to the manager Matt Gillies;
Trainer – Alec Dowdells and all the supporters who made the journey to Tottenham to see the match!

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