Half-arsed Cov preview!
By NNFox
Friday 19 Mar 2010 07:43:00
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Coventry City. Cov. Coventry. “Covscum”. Nope, still nothing. They just don’t mean anything to me. Certainly not anything positive but not even anything negative either. My less-than-trailblazing theory on the origin of pure hatred towards football clubs centres almost solely on childhood memories. Even if there is another pesky team nearby whose fans get all worked up about your own pride and glory, they will mean nothing to you unless they tonked your boys when you were eight and every subsequent victory is a delicious slice of revenge. 

Despite this theory, Cov did land a nasty blow in an FA Cup tie at Filbo in January 1999. They were 1-0 up towards the end of the game, then managed to double their lead at which point I turned on my heel in typical huffy-teenager mode and threatened to storm out. Unfortunately, after a minute or so of debate, I was persuaded to stay about a nanosecond before the bastards got their third. Exit stage left, pursued by my Dad. 

In the grand scheme of things, however, Cov don’t really register for me. Defeat in the 2pm kickoff on Sunday (what is this, Football Italia?) wouldn’t be the end of my world. If we get Forest in the play-offs, then that is a different story altogether. There is something very them-and-us about the City Ground, towards which there are any number of contributory factors. The “history” of the place, the scenic location, the old-school Subbuteo style red versus blue, the presence of A-block to your left and Ebby from Duisburg to your right and sometimes even a bunch of them above you as well. 

All these ingredients are thrown into one big melting pot when you visit the City Ground and it either ends in glorious success or depressing devastation (see references: 3-2 in the League Cup when we won the hearts and minds of news broadcasters all over the world for our fair-play antics and of course that one earlier in the season when we scored a goal and they scored a few more). The thought of visiting the City Ground in May for a semi-final leg is tantalising. 

In contrast, going to the Ricoh feels to me like a trip to B&Q. You’re there for a reason, you get through it, it’s a pretty unremarkable place and their employees would all rather be somewhere else too. Another factor in the malaise is the continued inability among Cov’s travelling band of loyal away followers to locate the Walkers Stadium. Perhaps they all turn up at Filbo once a year, wander around looking confused for a few moments and then pop back down the M69. Maybe they share an old Football Ground Guide from ten years ago and they’re bemused by the venue stated on their website. Maybe they can’t even fathom the website. 

For whatever reason, Cov seem to bring three men and a dog when visiting us, their team respond with a display worthy of their support and they end up losing comfortably without threatening the scoreboard. Despite all this, I love caring. And we’re closing in on a precious play-off place. And Bentley’s Roof as a whole do not appear to like Coventry one bit. I’m looking forward to it already.

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